2016 Ford Fiesta redesign review, specification, price


New Ford Fiesta 2015 continues to borrow style from the company Aston Martin. Funny as it may sound, but it looks quite nice and stylish. The hatchback got the attractive elements of the supercar, which successfully engrafted. Body styles has remained the same: sedan and hatchback.

The upgrade allowed to move the hatchback and sedan to a higher level. Should award it the title of winner of advanced engineering among Ford brands. The company yet with the Ford Edge 2015 realized for the successful implementation of the model they need to do updates, in particular, to give uniqueness.

First Ford Fiesta model premiered in 1972. First models design elements did not reach nowadays. Cars seemingly changed completely, and on the tech side as well.

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2016 Ford Fiesta redesign exterior

What has changed in appearance? Restyled appearance Ford Fiesta 2016 will appeal to buyers. The front is decorated with a two-tier grille. Fog lights and stylish bumper give the overall image of speed and sportiness. The appearance remained recognizable, but was refreshed and something has changed. Engineers and designers have given the innovative and modern features. This year the company has upgraded the entire range. The Fiesta was given a lot of time. Redesigned Ford Fiesta 2016 has received a large number of new press forming, as well as headlights of a different shape with led stuffing.

No talk about a massive upgrade in this case.

No talk about a massive upgrade in this case. There really is no global changes. Still updated ST version of the model. The new product looks attractive, menacingly and gracefully. Updated changed appearance from the grille, which took the trapezoid form. Grille blends together with the overall look of the face. Headlights strongly lengthen on the sides – it helps to better perform the lighting, even in foul weather.

2016 Ford Fiesta redesign release date

Article about the 2016 Ford Fiesta has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

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2016 Ford Fiesta redesign interior

Well that salon changes touched not all of the devices and the switches, as the previous generation was beautiful inside. Yes, there are disadvantages, but the pros cover them. After purchase, the owner simply pays no attention to the little things. Changing the shape of the Windows buttons suits fine, as now they have become easier and more noticeable.

Of the benefits of a salon is to provide: a comfortable steering wheel without unnecessary buttons; heated seats; stylish and intuitive dashboard; cruise control; entertainment and anti-theft system; seats with reliable and durable lateral support; the modes “Active City Stop”, “MyKey”, “Sync”. The last three were able to raise the safety of the driver and passengers to the highest level.

Trim used nice plastic plus quality upholstery. The color scheme looks beautiful at any time of the day. New Kuga 2015 also got all these advantages. The interior reveals the continuation of sports style, which is expressed in the steering wheel, door handles, dashboard and new adjustable backlight. Conveniently located inside the latest audio-video equipment Sony HD rare and satellite radio.

Another hallmark of the new Ford Fiesta 2016 has become a modern high-quality audio system. The vendor of the audio is Sony. For good sound the salon sets 8 speakers. In addition, there is the possibility to listen to radio stations by connecting to satellites. This allows to get a big stations list for every taste.

2016 Ford Fiesta redesign Specifications

Ford Fiesta 2015 can be bought in two types of body – sedan and hatchback. Trunk volume is very close to the capacity of the Ford Transit Connect 2015.

Dimensions of new items are the following:

  • length – 395 cm;
  • height 143 cm;
  • width – 172 cm;
  • wheelbase – 249 cm;
  • the clearance is 16 cm

All the vehicles will have one of the sets of wheels: 15 inch alloy wheels; 14 inch alloy; alloy 195/45R16; alloy 205/40R17.

2016 Ford Fiesta redesign engines

On sale will still be available a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder diesel engine. Its power 75HP and it comes with 6-band AT.

In addition to diesel engine are 3 petrol. This turbo engines are created with EcoBoost technology. They all are 1 liter volume. The most powerful 1L is rated 123HP. Other options 80HP and 100HP.  Paired to them 5-speed MT.

2016 Ford Fiesta redesign Release date

Sales of the updated Ford Fiesta 2016 has already begun. The basic version will have the MyFord Touch system; ABS; two-stage airbag system; system “MyKey”; the indicator of air pressure in the tires; economical and dynamic engines; immobilizer.

Release date: already started in 2015

To the model will compete with the Chevrolet Aveo and Kia Rio 5.


2016 Ford Fiesta redesign video review

Photo of 2016 Ford Fiesta

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  • Max. Torque : coming soon
  • Max. Power : coming soon
  • Pwr:Wgt Ratio : coming soon
  • Bore & Stroke : coming soon

Prices, specifications, options, features 2016 Ford Fiesta  to change without notice.

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