All-New 2016 Honda Civic Get Fastback Body and Turbocharging


The new Honda Civic model, which is about to be released soon, is the most trim of the entire family of Honda Civic cars. This mind-blowing car does not only have a beautiful shape, but it also has a really sturdy engine that is designed by highly qualified, experienced and talented technicians. According to the latest news, you will not find huge changes in this Civic model as there are lots of similarities between the new model and the previous models. But still lots of factors of this model are much better than the previous models. The price of the 10th generation Civic has not been disclosed by the company; however, experts predict that the future car price will be up to $24,000 USD of this car and the most refined version will be sold up to $30,000 USD in the market.

2016 Honda Civic When to Expect On Sale


1. When to Expect on Sale
2. More Space, Better Quality
3. 2016 Civic Get Fastback Style
4. Civic 2016 Finally Goes Turbo
5. Trim Levels and Equipment

As per the first video reviews, experts predict that the release date for 2016 model year car will be somewhere at the start of next year. No official statement has been passed yet by any official of the company regarding the next-gen Civic release date. The new Civic is designed to provide a much improved driving experience to the users. Earlier, lots of complaints related to the problems that arose during driving were recorded and so, the new design caters to almost all the needs of the consumers.

The whole outlook of this car is simply amazing. From the outside, 2016 Civic looks really spacious, sporty, luxurious as well as sharp. Apart from the design, the car contains lots of electronic functions, satellite navigation as well as incredibly loud audio system. These functionalities will help the user quickly reach his or her destination in the minimum possible time.

Honda Civic 2016 Get Fastback Style

The design of the upcoming Civic is completely new and unique. It’s more like fastback, than sedan. However, the rear window is not a part of trunk lid, so technically, it’s still a sedan. It has large rear window area and agressive-style front fenders, accentuating wheel arches, and overall car exterior design is like well-sculpted body. One of the very distinct moments of design for the car – is the rear lights, boomerang-shaped, however reminds a new design concept of Volvo cars. Nevertheless, the Honda design with the new 2016 model year Civic has become much more original and distinctive.

The exterior appearance of the car keep Honda’s own modern style we may see in new Accord and CR-V and not far from the Civic concept version, except it becomes even sharper in lines. In rear the car features dual lines, big wheel arches and reminds mostly Honda Crosstour car. The new design approach will definitely attract more youngsters. The new Civic is a bit lower, about 3-inch longer, has shorter overhangs compared with the previous generation. The car is also 2 inch wider. It is relatively small numbers, but nevertheless, everything started to make sense when you step inside the interior. For this it means more legroom for rear passsengers.

2016 Civic More Space, Better Quality

The interior has become less futuristic than we used to see in old Civics, especially hatchback ones. But it certainly became much more spacious and well-built. Center console now looks way too modern and let’s say minimalistic. It features large display instead of tons of small buttons. What is more important – Honda improved windshield cowl, it’s height was decreased by 1,6 inch and road visibilty become more expansive.

Civic 2016 Finally Goes Turbo

According to the recent news, the engine of this car is really efficient. It is the VTEC  engine with displacement of 2.0 Liter inline and 4-direct injection. This will make 158 horse power and 138 pounds of torque; the other better version of 2016 Honda Civic will produce a powerful 1.5 VTEC turbocharged engine with the output of 174 horsepower.

Honda Civic models are one of the most purchased vehicles in America, because it allows so much convenience in driving; a total family car. The 2016 version is also likely to become a great hit and will be able to sell thousands of units within a few years. The basic version of upcoming Civic comes with the manual transmission (just like last generaton Civic model in LX trim only). Honda claimed that we might expect more Civic models, like 1.5-liter turbo with manual gearboxes, but now manufacturer is focused on producing many other variants of the car, including 4-door hatch, coupe, Si-version and type-R. The new 6-speed manual has very progressive clutch.

The CVT transmission is optional on the LX trim and in standard equipment list for EX models and above. The new CVT doesn’t have any manual selection feature, it’s a drawback. However, if you push sport mode button, transmission will try to keep up highest RPM possible maintaining the power peak zone. 2-liter and turbocharged version of Civic has different wheels – more advanced 2.0L has 17-inch instead of 16-inch. It is interesting that 2-liter model weigh less than turbocharged version and therefore has better weight distribution ratio. And feels musch more lighter and sharper in terms of handling.

It’s difficult to choose what engine is more suitable for the new Honda Civic. 1.5 liter turbocharged engine could be more agile, but the actual power increase is not so impressive, it’s only 16 hp, and 24 lb ft of torque more, and as it mentioned above, a bit heavier. We have very positive experience with 2-liter model, so no matter what engine and what trim level you may choose, it will be certainly the best buy. Honda shows us an example of building ordinary, mainstream model, that feel original and not basic at all.

Redesigned Civic Trim Levels and Equipment

Standard LX trim is pretty good equipped. It has:

  • digital speedometer;
  • cloth seats;
  • climate control system;
  • parking brake released by pushing the button;
  • auto turning on headlamps and many more.

More sophisticated EX trim has:

  • fully digital instrument panel;
  • power sunroof;
  • remote engine start;
  •  rear view camera;
  • heated mirrors.

It also features Display Audio system with touchscreen compatible with Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay, mentioned above.

The top trim named Touring and has even more gadgets and wider eqipment and options list. What is interesting, is that some of new Honda Civic doesn’t seem to be thought-out thoroughly. For example, the new entertainment system offers only touch screen and nothing more. It’s really uncomfortable to use sound system without physical volume knob. Hopefully, steering wheel has dedicated audio controls. 2016 Civic is also become way more practical – gear the car with many more interior storage spaces, including center stack and armrest storage.

The interior materials were also drastically improved. Even in basic trim the cabin is full of soft-touch premium looking plastic, whilst high trimmed cars get leather wrapped shift knob, steering wheel and dashboard. The seats were also completely redesigned – it become lower which means more headroom for passengers, and it also providing good lateral support. Undoubtedly it is one of the most ergonomic cabin among similar vehicles.

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2016 Honda Civic
Engine type DOHC 16V I4 direct fuel injection/turbocharger
Displacement 2.0L/1.5L
Power/torque 158 hp@6500 rpm/174 hp@6000 rpm; 138/162 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed manual/CVT automatic
Wheelbase 106.3 inch
Length 182,3 in
Height 55,7 in
Passenger volume 95-97,8 cu ft
Cargo volume 15,1 cu ft
0-60 6,8 sec (1.5L)
Top speed 126 mph (1.5L)
PRICE RANGE: $18,640 – $26,500 (est)
Competitors: Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Jetta, Scion iM
Editor's rating
4.8 overall
  • Safety4.9
  • Performance4.7
  • Design5
  • Features4.8
  • Fuel economy4.7

Nearly the best choice for compact size sedan. Great looking, well-built, affordable and with precise handling. Now with turbocharged engine.
Total score:

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