Sculpted 2016 Infiniti QX30 With Mercedes Heart


In the framework of the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, the Japanese held the first public show of the new crossover Infiniti QX30. But that was only a pre-production car, and its product model, not much different from the conceptual predecessor, debuted in November 2015 simultaneously on two sides of the planet – at automobile exhibitions in Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

2016 Infiniti QX30 Cheetah on Wheels

Indeed, the Infiniti QX30 looks quite attractive. In its streamlined and simultaneously sweeping lines of the body you can catch a touch of audacity and courage of Japanese samurai, always ready to jump to meet any challenges. In the exterior of the Infiniti QX30, smooth futuristic curves, integrated sports elements and fanciful stamps harmoniously harmonize, which not only give the crossover its original and muscular appearance, but also provide excellent aerodynamics and additional downforce that improves the stability of the car when maneuvers are performed.

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Infiniti QX30 2016 Compact Premium

Inside, he looks even more original than his appearance. The interior of the crossover is decorated: boldly, futuristically and no less daring than the exterior. And the front panel, and the door panels, and even the chairs, are practically devoid of right angles and lines, together demonstrating the intricacies of leather, plastic and metal parts creating an image of the youth car’s advanced interior, because the target audience of the car are young motorists (under 40 years).

Well-designed front seats do not cause any questions – they have a profile with pronounced sidewalls, and an optimal stiffening pack, and sufficient adjustment ranges. On the second row with all amenities two adults will sit down, but the third one will definitely be superfluous. The luggage compartment of Infiniti QX30 is capacious – its volume in the unfolded form is 15.1 cu ft. Correctly configured compartment is decorated with pleasant materials and equipped with a 12-volt outlet.


2016 QX30 German Engine

For the US market, the QX30 is equipped with only one gasoline engine – under the hood of the SUV, there is a Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder 2.0 liter engine with direct injection, 16-valve timing chain drive, turbocharging and variable valve timing. It ultimately generates 211 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 258 ft lb of available torque at 1200-4000 rpm. The power plant is combined with a 7-speed preselective robotic with two “wet” clutches and an intelligent all-wheel drive transmission, complete with an electro-hydraulic clutch that is able to distribute the thrust between the axles up to a ratio of 50:50.

Asphalt disciplines for five-door are not a problem: the maximum car gets 143 MPH, and the “shot” to the sixty spends 7.3 seconds. The compact crossover Infiniti QX30 is built on the MFA modular platform with an independent arrangement of the undercarriage on two axes – the McPherson strut in the front and the “multi-link” rear. The share of high-strength and ultra-high-strength grades of steel in the structure of the body reaches 73%. All wheels of the car are equipped with disk devices of a brake complex with ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and other electronics.
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