Jaguar F-type Received New Versions


The prototype of the new Jaguar was introduced to the court of the general public a couple of years ago, but now the new roadster will appear somewhat modified. The exterior of the prestigious car of the 2016 model year could be seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year.

Modernization clearly went to the sports car for the benefit, the brand’s fans will appreciate the innovations, and new ones will be added later. Bright appearance has undergone a minimum of changes, but other components pleasantly surprise by metamorphosis, innovations, and improvements.

Predatory Appearance

The exterior has changed a little, but it does not speak about a scant or indistinct kind, not for nothing that it is an English luxury car.

The proprietary grille in the upper part is crowned with a “predatory” logo, and in the middle it is crossed by a black crossbar. Judging by the holes in the front, the aerodynamics of the car at a high level, that is, here you can talk about the solid sports capabilities of the car.

LEDs in head optics look great at night. They are all as narrow as they were in the previous version, before the reforms were implemented. On the question of what all the same changed, you can answer that the hood was a little different, and in the all-wheel drive version it also has updated air intakes.

The side view opens up the look of an ideal roadster that meets all modern requirements. All the elements look harmonious and dynamic: massive doors, large wheel arches, punches, elegant wheel rims and rear-view mirrors in sports enclosures.

To be honest, the front part resembles the cars of the Aston Martin. But we can say that British designers somehow have their own common approach. Two exhaust pipes amicably settled side by side in the center, the roof smoothly flows into the upper part of the trunk, the narrow tail lights swing swinging apart like wings, the bumper convex and slightly elevated.

Comfortable Interior

English engineers and designers did not add any new details to the interior of the Jaguar. Some refinements, by the way, of course, are available, but the unprepared philistine is unlikely to notice them, so it’s probably not worthwhile to focus their attention on them.

Two incredibly comfortable seats look really chic: the headrests are very comfortable, the body perfectly supports the back, and there is also pronounced lateral support.

On the driver’s seat flaunts a leather steering wheel with a multifunctional panel on the body. The instrument panel is decorated in a classic style. As if in opposition to it, there is a modern central console next to it with a lot of controls, buttons and a display with the ability to control the sensor.

Powertrain Range

Jaguar F-Type Convertible entered the automotive market with only one rear-wheel drive, but after modifications, this version is by default on the weakest version of the engine.

So, from engines the most charged on convertible concedes on capacity the top motor on a compartment. According to representatives of the British automotive company, this difference will be corrected by the beginning of sales of the updated roadster.

The weakest engines are 3 liter gasoline V6 producing 340 and 380 horsepower.

The flagship of the series is a 5-liter V8 with the output of 495 hp and 460 ft lb of torque. Very soon the most powerful engine will be presented with a 5-liter supercharged V8 engine with 550 hp.

The top equipment of the motor will be combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission. By the way, the car could also be equipped with a manual gearbox.
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