Future Plans For Jeep Patriot Appearing In 2016


Perhaps, after the premiere of Jeep Renegade crossover, no one imagined that the company decides to develop another “SUV”, the dimensions are inferior to Renegade.

Meanwhile, in an interview at the Detroit international auto show, Mike Manley, Jeep CEO, spoken about the future plans of the manufacturer, the major of which is the production of budget SUV. It is assumed that in the product line new model will take place a step below the Renegade. The main attention of listeners Mike Manley drew to development of a new subcompact crossover is totally impractical.

Impractical SUV

“In the segment of compact “SUV” today marked a really impressive rate of increase in sales volumes, however, for the construction of another similar model, we have not yet found a sufficient number of convincing arguments. When compared with large SUVs, small cars have less attractive characteristics. The only exception is a Jeep, always characterized by practicality and impeccable performance. Said Mike Manley, adding that small vehicles projects often pay off long enough or don’t pay at all. The release of the car outside your home market makes it worse.

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The five-year FCA plan requires SUV Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot resignation from 2016. They must come model while designated as C SUV. Jeep Marketing Director Jim Morrison confirmed this fact in conversation, but has made adjustments. “Yes, two models will become one,” admitted the Manager and joked, “this will be Compatriot”. Only, according to Morrison, the reshuffle will happen later in 2017-2018 year because the crossovers are still selling well.

New Platform

From the Jeep came another news – headlines were made by Adrian van Campenhout, chief of the international planning division. He admits that the basis for Renegade younger brother may be Fiat Panda Cross, but does not exclude the option of Brazilian “truck”, which is much cheaper to produce. “We don’t dwell on Turin, and see what is right in the world. We have the good guys in Brazil, which make a fantastic inexpensive platform. We consider all suggestions”. The Manager noted that the ultra-compact Jeep crossover would be the most popular in developing countries with emerging market and great potential. “Reference pointing to where Renegade is perceived as a huge and too expensive car,” said van Campenhout. I think India and Brazil would be a good place”. Probable name for a baby – Jeep Rebel.


If Jeep will take a positive decision on the construction of a new off-road vehicle, the length of the new item will not exceed 4230 mm (this parameter corresponds to the length of the Renegade body). It is expected that the car will be a major competitor to cross-hatchback Fiat Panda Cross. In the engine lineup will include small-capacity diesel and petrol units. The AWD system, most likely, will also be present in the new “low-budget” Jeep.

In addition to smaller dimensions, the difference between the new Jeep from Renegade will also be more affordable price tag.

2016 Jeep Patriot release date

Article about the 2016 Jeep Patriot has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


Jeep plans to release a new crossover, which can be a full replacement for models Compass and Patriot in 2016. The revival of the Grand Wagoneer SUV Americans have planned for 2018.

Release date: 2016

Jeep Compass

In 2014 started selling a new compact crossover Jeep Compass 2015. New slightly changed in appearance, has acquired a new level of comfort, and also received some important technical changes.

Last time car, produced since 2006, significantly updated in 2011, when the Jeep Compass was subjected to a deep restyling.

Jeep Patriot

The model was introduced in 2006 and successfully sold to date. Perhaps the car has not become such an iconic representative of the brand as Jeep Wrangler, nevertheless, Patriot sales remained stubbornly high since the start of production.

Jeep Patriot was upgraded in 2014, changing the 6-position gearbox and a choice of two variants of a full drive.

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