2016 Jeep Renegade New Trim Levels and Engines


If the car producer is preparing to enter a small crossover market, it is not worth it to expect surprises. Opel Mokka, Skoda Yeti and Ford EcoSport… Similar powertrain similar motors and gearboxes – compact crossovers of different brands have about the same set of qualities. But in the cabin of Jeep Renegade you could found such encouraging keys as “4×4 Low”, “4×4 Lock”… And the representatives of the American brand convincing: “Jeep Renegade is not a crossover, and the first-in-class real SUV”. Tease? Provoke?

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2016 Jeep Renegade Military Style


1. 2016 Jeep Renegade Military Style
2. 2016 Renegade With Wide Engine Range
3. New Colors
4. Off-Road Capabilities
5. Inteiror Features
6. Legacy of New Cherokee

Chopped form, military-like painting style… If the task was to make the crossover “different from everyone else”, Jeep designers are not to blame. The American brand is essential branch of “Fiat” for three years now with all the ensuing consequences: a new Jeep Renegade is built on Fiat platform, it will be manufactured in Italy and generally will not be produced in conveyors of American factories. That case (when the model is generally not produced in North America) happen for the first time in the history of the brand. Perhaps that is why every detail of this car screams: I’m a real Jeep, not Fiat! Well, at least low Jeep Renegade mpg rates due to economic European engines.

There will be a Sport trim edition of the new Renegade, features more low-cost trimming, FWD layout in standard equipment and more like to be one of the most affordable Jeep vehicles ever. The limited trim will certanly be fully equipped with all neccessary gadgets, the most powerful engine from the line up, and definitely All-wheel drive system. However, the pricing won’t be democratic at all. But you may get almost pure Jeep feeling. At least until you don’t get off-road too much. The first “real” Jeep Renegade will arrive to customers next year, the Jeep Renegade MSRP in US will start around $18,000 for the basic version. Basic Renegade will get power windows, central lock, adjustable steering tube, info-entertainment system, UConnect 3.0, audio system with 4 speakers and 16-inch steel wheels.

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2016 Renegade With Wide Engine Range

Here is the some 2016 Jeep Renegade specs – the engine range is following – Fiat petrol 1.6 (110 HP) and 1.4 turbocharged (140 or 170 HP), Chrysler 2.4 (185 HP) and Fiat diesel engines 1.6 (120 HP) and 2.0 (120, 140 and 170 HP). Among transmissions, in addition to to five or six speed manual, there is a robotic transmission with two clutches and the most interesting option – a 9-speed ZF automatic. The same stands for the Range Rover Evoque and the Jeep Cherokee, but for a more affordable cars of a Renegade class no one else have the same. I had the chance to compare the two Jeep with the same 140-HP diesel engine, but one with a manual transmission, and the second with automatic transmission. And it is two different cars!

What Is For Colors in New Renegade

The 2016 Jeep Renegade will be available with the same colors as 2015 model year car. Here is the list – Alpine White, Black, Colorado Red, Commando, Glacier, Mojave, Omaha Orange, Sierra Blue, Solar Yellow. As for interior, it will be available will sandstorm inserts in the leather seats. New exterior has nothing to do with the platform of the Fiat 500L, and structurally, these models have significant differences: the Jeep wheelbase – 8,4 ft (2570 mm), 1,7″ (45 mm) less than the Fiat 500L. The hood is made of aluminum, instead of the rear semi-dependent suspension – McPherson strut with three lower arms

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The sticker on the body with the logo of the U.S. army is optional, but the inscription “Since 1941” that adorn the central console, is a standard design element. Apparently, we did not forget about the relationship with the legendary Willys MB of the Second World War. And when anyone asks the owner of Renegade, what do the crosses in the front and rear headlights, cup holders, gear knob and whatnot, then he is supposed to tell the whole story. They say, “Willys” has fastened fuel canister in tail (it was part of the standard), and it was here such cross – ribbing. Now this is a part of a Renegade brand.

Renegade 2016 Off-road Capabilities

Before leaving the roads Renegade’s transmission should be set in the desired mode. Like the previous Jeep models, there is a Selec-Terrain switch at the bottom of the center console, allowing you to select the “dirt”, “sand”, “snow”, and “Auto” modes. Like in full-fledged SUV same electronics manages locking differentials, a reduction gear, high-lift air suspension and electronic traction control and selective braking of the wheels. Renegade with automatic transmission always starts off in the second gear. And only by pressing the “4×4 Low” you will get the first – very low gear. The brand representatives emphasize that the so-called crowl ratio (the gear ratio of the “creeping” drive mode ) here is 20:1. That is, twenty turns of the drive shaft of the engine counts for only one turnover of the wheels. But there is one “contra”.

There’s actually no such down-range transmission, though the key “4×4 Low”, seem to manage it. “Renegade” handout has only single speed, that is, all gears are present, so to speak, in a single copy. But this decision was applied: the gear ratio of the main pair in itself is more “low” than without modifications of the “Low” mode, and coupled with a very short first gear get a full version of ” downshifts”. Figure 20:1 calculated by combining the first gear ration (4,7:1) and the ring lockers ratio (4,334:1). That is, instead of “normal” first gear, we have “reduced” one, and in the normal regimes of motion we practically have one gear less.

Jeep Renegade 2016 Interior Features

Interior design – a joy for fans of the Jeep brand. In the Renegade cabin, you will forget that the model is created on the subcompact base, it is all very spacious here. And still from the inside the car looks bigger than from the outside. Two built-in USB and 12-volt sockets are both in the cabin and in the trunk available for passengers. Among the first Jeep brand announced that its multimedia system in the future will be able to support the functions of the Apple Car Play and Android Auto, which allow you to display the interface of your smartphone or tablet in your car multimedia system screen.

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Legacy of the new Cherokee

That what all-wheel drive Jeep Renegade inherited from the new Cherokee, but with some simplifications. Buyers will be offered a choice of transmission Active Drive I, Active Low Drive and front-wheel drive variant. Active Drive I is a conventional system automatically connects all-wheel drive (via multi-clutch), which can be forced to block. Active Low Drive represents the above-described solution, creating the illusion of a down-range. This development created specifically for Renegade, Cherokee doesn’t have it in . You can only get it with nine-speed automatic gearbox. With manual gearbox you can choose between Active Drive I and front wheel drive. Well, with robotic transmission the front-wheel drive is the only option.

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