KIA Optima Underwent a Restyling and Received New Interior


The Korean automotive industry represented by KIA Motors in 2012 presented the world with a mid-size sedan – Kia Optima. Despite the high level of competition in this class, the model has easily taken root and took the modern consumer’s liking.

Recognition has not passed without a trace and now the society is represented by the 4th generation of this model. Kia Optima 2016 is designed to finally conquer all connoisseurs of good cars and should move, the grandees of the automotive industry. And help her in this bold design solutions and flexible pricing.

Design solutions

Appearance plays a primary role in the demand for a car. This is what Kia Motors chief designer Peter Schreyer understands best. With his arrival, the production of the Korean car industry has radically changed for the better. Here and in the latest model KIA Optima, he realized all his daring and modern design ideas.

Undoubtedly, it would be foolish to expect cardinal changes at the exit of the restyling model of Optima. The model has proved itself well in the market, including high-quality design, but, nevertheless, there are a number of features that brought to the model of 2016 and deliberately emphasized the status – high cost:

Changed the radiator grille, which has already become an absolutely new form of headlights. Narrowed grille smoothly goes into optics, without disrupting the harmony of integrity and forming one whole beautiful design component. The solution is innovative, bold and interesting;
The modified front bumper was equipped with lateral air intakes, which actively supply air flows to brake calipers;
The presence of a third window, immediately after the rear passenger glass. This innovation allows an even more seamless transition of the roof into the trunk, giving the car an aggressive-sporty look;

Now it is possible to open the trunk from the car key. But do not delude yourself, after pressing the button – the trunk is slightly opened by only 10-15 cm. It is not recommended to open it with your feet – there is one of the four round-robin cameras, and it did not stop with the premium car. The trunk lid from the inside is not sewn, all mechanisms and cables are visible. The trunk itself is not very large and oblong – not the best design solution;

Orientation to the best traditions

On the driver’s place you will be pleasantly surprised. What happened to the Kia Optima salon in 2016 is, it can be said, a revolution. In its essence – this is a huge turn from the reference Swedish cars, to the reference Japanese.

The main picture of the interior is made clearly and elegantly, in the best Japanese and German traditions. The material for the buttons and the plastic panels are very high quality. The panel is qualitatively organized, as a result of which it is intuitively clear where the buttons are located and for what they answer.

The steering wheel underwent maximum changes – elegant, sporty, threaded with red threads and stuffed with a lot of buttons, including the control of the LCD monitor on the dashboard.

Completes all this riot of joy chic two-section panoramic roof – this attribute is not every expensive European car can boast.

Model range and equipment

For the international market there are 3 sets of this machine:

The basic equipment is represented by a 150-horsepower, 2.0-liter engine. It is equipped with a manual gearbox, a simple fabric interior, no adaptive suspension;

The average configuration is equipped with an 188-horsepower motor with a volume of 2.4 liters. There is already an automatic 6-speed gearbox, adaptive suspension, panoramic roof and a bunch of innovative options: parking, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats;

Completes the lineup – the maximum configuration with the inclusion of all possible options and functions, equipped with a 245-horsepower turbocharged engine.
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