New Kia Soul 2016 release date, colors, interior



Recently KIA Company introduced a new 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster e-AWD model, created based on KIA Soul city crossover. The new hybrid powertrain could be promising for Soul.


2016 KIA Soul updated technology

The Chicago motorshow hosted the world premiere of the new 2016 Kia Soul Trail’ster – AWD hybrid concept crossover with durable underbody aluminum-alloy protection and a soft top made of waterproof fabric.

“It embodies an idea of modern and capable compact SUV for those who love to make sallies from the usual urban environment in hunt for snow-covered grounds in the mountains, roads without coverage, brooks and waterfalls, highland trails, – describe in Kia’s a new 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster. – economical and light KIA Trail’ster is perfect for explorers”.

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2016 KIA Soul AWD

Matched to the serial 2015 KIA Soul, 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster ground clearance has been increased by 65 mm.

“The concept 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster car is a view of not the distant prospect. It is a demonstration of how KIA Soul reasonably and thoughtfully can get AWD type, made to leave the highways and go on a journey to the mountains,” Tom Kearns, KIA America Design Center chief designer said. – This car uses AWD like the SUV and combines it with a dense and sporty appearance and remarkable design.”

Furthermore, the car is equipped with winter tires, Pirelli Winter Carving 245/45 R19, providing some grip. Absorber KSport racks definitely work on rough landscape and gravel soils.

The car body is painted in white Polar Pearl Snowdrift, and for the top and bottom is selected “metallic bronze”. In addition, there are accents with a light red color. The soft top of waterproof canvas can be rolled to open the passengers a view of the sky. Exterior concept color solution on the idea of the designers should remind you of spring snow and dirt roads

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2016 KIA Soul redesign release date

2016 KIA Soul power plant

The power plant of the new concept car consists of petrol engine of 1.6 L capacity of 185 HP with a peak torque of 250 Nm and 35HP electrical motor, linked to the rear axle, 1.2kWh li-ion battery and six-speed auto transmission. The total hybrid power capacity – 220HP and a torque of 386 Nm.

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2016 KIA Soul fuel saving

According to company calculations, if 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster will be mass-produced, the fuel savings will amount up to 35% in urban and 15% when driving on the freeway matched to the conventional 2015 Kia Soul model with a 2.0L natural aspirated petrol engine. To advance the effectiveness, a hybrid starter-generator (HSG) is used, stopping and re-running the gasoline engine as required and supply high power battery charge.


2016 KIA Soul soft top

The top of 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster consists of waterproof canvas, which can be rolled. Fully removable roof has another advantage – it is lighter than usual, which helped to lower the center of gravity, to ensure the best dynamics and efficiency. There are built-in mounts for the upper trunk and lateral mounting rails, allowing you to bring your bikes or snowboards.


2016 KIA Soul interior

In the interior of 2016 KIA Soul Trail’ster have been used brown leather and decorative aluminum inserts.

“We took as the basis of high-quality equipment for your winter sports: gloves for snowboarders, helmets, snowboots, and used these ideas not to just make a finest level interior, but also a unique way to beat the subject,” remarked leading designer Tom Kearns.


2016 KIA Soul release date

When “Trailstar” will appear in the serial execution is not reported. Recall that teasers preceded the premiere of the new items. Most likely, we will be able to feel preproduction car not earlier than 2016.

Release date: 2016


2016 KIA Soul video review

Photo of 2016 KIA Soul

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