Kia Sportage Received Extravagant Look But German-like Interior


The new KIA Sportage 2016 is the fourth generation of this model. The car from the Koreans turned out to be ambiguous and causes different emotions. Let’s try to understand all the features, advantages and disadvantages of this crossover.

In 1992, Kia Motors presented the first generation of Kia Sportage to the court of the automobile community. At that time, the Sportage was a full-fledged SUV, not a fashionable crossover today. After surviving one restyling (in 1999), the car was manufactured from the company’s assembly line until 2006, when the first generation was hopelessly outdated and the Koreans had to update it.

The third generation fell on a period of full rebranding of the company and the rise of the Korean automotive industry. From 2010 until the end of 2015 Sportage was an incredibly popular model of the brand KIA. The design made in the new corporate style of the Koreans was really fresh.

The object of this review – Kia Sportage for 2016 model year- is absolutely different from its predecessor.

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All-New Exterior

Take photos of the third and fourth generation of the crossover and compare. It is difficult to find kinship in appearance, is it not? The front of the new Sprite causes mixed associations. On the one hand – the radiator grille hints at the similarity with the Rio, on the other – high-set headlights and the bumper structure pushes against a comparison with the “face” of the Nissan Juke.

For an unknown reason, the Koreans decided to completely fence off the aggression and sports forms of the predecessor. The new Sportage externally is now far from Sport. In addition, because of the above described associations, it least resembles a full-fledged crossover. But this is only in the photo. The back is made in the same smooth and rounded style. Only profile remotely reminds us of the audacity of the past generation.

A Bit Boring Inteiror

Unlike the body, the car interior can not be called completely new. At first glance, the style and form common to the previous generation is recognized. Apparently the KIA decided to confine themselves to shocking rework of appearance. For ergonomics, there are no serious complaints.

The only thing that sometimes confuses and causes inconvenience is the combination of all indicators, indicators and control of climate control in one multimedia display, in the middle of the center console.

All the controls on the steering wheel are comfortable and understandable, and the devices are perfectly readable. In general, the dashboard and interior can be called convenient and practical, but too conventional and boring. All would be nothing, if not so extravagant appearance: inside of the car you expect something like that.

Updated Engine Range

The new generation of sportage comes with three types of powertrains, among them two non-petrol and one diesel. We’ll start with it. So, this is a two-liter engine, which develops 185 horsepower. Connoisseurs of Koreans have already realized that this is the same engine that we could meet on the new Tussana. This engine is equipped with only a 6-speed automatic and all-wheel drive, there are no more options. It accelerates the car to a hundred in 9.5 seconds. The maximum speed stopped at around 124 MPH.

The second engine is also a two-piece, but a gasoline, MPI. It develops 150 horsepower, we also saw it on the above crossover. There is already any drive, any box, in any case there will be six switching stages. The acceleration time to hundreds with this engine varies from 10.5 to 11.6 seconds, depending on the type of drive and gearbox.

The third motor is delivered only in one complete set – in GT-line. With a volume of 1.6 liters, it develops 177 horses, thanks to the GDI system and the turbocharger. Such an engine is completed only by a robot with seven switching stages, by the way, it can be controlled with the help of paddle shifters.
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