2016 Scion IM interior, review, price


The 2016 Scion IM which is essentially a rehatched Auris or Toyota Corolla Wagon, had already created waves at the 2015 Auto Show in New York. Created in Japan and raise in Europe, the Scion IM is all set to make its debut in North America.

2016 Scion IM release date

The release date of the 2016 Scion IM has not yet been finalized and it is being expected that this vehicle would hit the road sometime in September. The spunky look and vibrant 2016 scion im colors make it one of the most anticipated cars of this year.

2016 Scion IM


The Scion IM comes in six bold colours – classic metallic silver, blizzard pearl, Barcelona red metallic, electric blue, black sand pearl and spring green metallic.

2016 Scion IM release date: 2015 fall

2016 Scion IM interior

The interior of this car clearly draws inspiration from the rest of the models of Toyota family and looks real impressive on first sight. It comes with power folding mirror, dual zone auto air conditioning, cruise control, a sound system by Pioneer with a 7 inches touch screen, padded dash panels, finely contoured steering with leather straps, a backup camera and power locks and windows.

2016 Scion IM interior


One can also go for some dealer installed accessory like a kit for navigation up-gradation or accessories for TRD performance. Scion IM is apparently the most pet friendly of all cars since it comes with door guards and a tether. There is also a seat pet barrier and a pad made of grass intended to keep you dog from standing on the console in the middle.

2016 Scion IM review

Right from the very thrust of the nose to the sloping tailgate, the design of this car is sure to be pleasing to the eyes of the beholder. Though undoubtedly a hatchback, this car comes with an unparalleled sense of style and sophistication. The 17 inch wheels coupled with the 225 width tires gives at a classic sporty look. In order to fully appreciate the Scion IM it is necessary to get a little deeper into the specifications of this car.

2016 Scion IM


2016 Scion IM specs

• The Scion IM would be 4 feet, 7.3 inches in height, 14 feet 2.5 inches long and 5 feet 9.3 inches wide, while the wheel base measures about 8 feet and 6.4 inches.
• It comes with a front head room of 39.7 inches, front leg room of 41.7 inches, front shoulder room of 53.4 inches, rear shoulder room of 54.1 inches and rear head room of 37.5 inches.
• The engine type is gas with a fuel capacity of 14 gallon. The type of fuel is regular unleaded.
• The base engine size is 1.8 L with 137 horsepower @6100 rpm.
• The 16 valves come with variable valve timing and the cylinders are Inline 4.
• The Scion IM mpg is expected to be 27 mpg in the city roads and 36 mpg on the highways.

2016 Scion IM price

The Scion IM with manual transmission would cost $18,460 along with an additional $795 destination charge. If the car comes equipped with CVTiS then the price would go up to $19,200 without destination charge.

Just one look at the 2016 Scion IM images with their stylish design and vibrant colours is sure to convince one about the sheer style and elegance of this new Toyota release.


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