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When Daimler first introduced its Smart Cars, it was faced with much ridicule, awe and curiosity. One of the smallest cars ever to be produced, the Daimler Smart Fortwo heralded the world’s progression to the likes of smart, energy efficient, hybrid cars. Hitting the US and UK’s streets in 2008, the Smart Fortwo became US’s smallest car that was legal to drive on the highway. With its quirky little look, it sold like hotcakes in its early stages and Daimler continues that legacy of energy efficiency in the 2016 Smart Fortwo.

2016 Smart Fortwo Release date

Daimler’s 2016 model of the Smart Fortwo is set to release in late 2015, most probably around fall which is to say October or November of 2015.

2016 Smart Fortwo release date: late 2015

2016 Smart Fortwo Review

The 2016 Smart Fortwo certainly improves upon its predecessor in every way and Daimler had to be given credit where it is due. They address most-if not all- of the problems customers face and work towards solving those problems to improve customer satisfaction. With its tiny three cylinder engine in the trunk floor, the Smart Fortwo powers its back wheels to deliver 89 horsepower.

2016 smart fortwo


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Honestly, the engine is the only thing that lags in an otherwise excelling model. Though turbocharged, it feels very clunky, and virtually without power at lower revolutions. The 70 horsepower version however, feels much smoother and better suited to normal – urban conditions. Well if truth be told, both models are suited to urban conditions. It is also a bit wider than the 2015 Smart Fortwo, with an overall length of 106 inches, it is still able to- easily park in any spot and leave enough for another Smart Fortwo to fit in.

2016 smart fortwo

2016 Smart Fortwo News

Daimler was forever in touch with its consumer base, and took note of their complaints and suggestions. And boy did they improve upon them. It would be unfair to say that the company is un-aware of its customer’s needs. Partnering up with Renault, Daimler also reduced its manufacturing costs, giving way to more profits and further improvements on its cars. Renault is also releasing its own smart car than is more of less a sibling to the Smart Fortwo, the European Twingo and a spinoff of the Smart Fortwo car, the Smart Forfour, which as the name implies is a four door.

2016 smart fortwo

2016 Smart Fortwo Specs

The specifications of the 2016 Smart Fortwo are what you would expect from a smart car, but Daimler sure does a great job of delivering them. The engine comes in two forms and you would buy what is suited to you. As aforementioned, the 2016 Smart Fortwo comes in a turbocharged three cylinder intercooled DOHC port fuel injection engine that delivers 89 horsepower. Its sister engine model, the 70 HP is more or less the same, main difference being that it takes a 4 seconds longer interval to get from 0 to 62 mph( total time being 14.4 seconds)

2016 smart fortwo


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2016 Smart Fortwo Interior

The interior comes in three colors, black/orange, black/black and black/white. And the interior has been remodeled to fit the car’s new width, and has become snazzier. The seats are more comfortable than ever, and the dash looks very nice in its bright (if chosen) color.

2016 smart fortwo interior

2016 Smart Fortwo Images

2016 Smart Fortwo Price

The Smart Fortwo is going up for sale at $15,000.

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