Tesla Released the SUV – Meet New Model X


With the huge demand of the modern world for crossovers, such a well-known company as Tesla Motors could not help releasing its SUV vision of the electric vehicle.

The first electric crossover was seen in September this year in California, in the United States, immediately rewarding him with enthusiastic feedback – on the inside everything is on the highest level, all functions, the last word of technology, and the appearance of the model is not deprived – a unique interior, a very noticeable body.

The brand boldly declares that the car is truly unique! Let’s figure out how this uniqueness manifests itself.

Big Tesla

The first thing that catches your eye is a huge windshield called the “Big Sky”, which is even present on the simplest trim level. Stylish rear doors, immediately letting you know what kind of person is the owner of such a car. On the low and high beam there are LED lights, on the rear modern LED lamps as well.

All the beauty and elegance of the design of the new Tesla X can now be appreciated on the official photos and videos provided by the brand.

Falcon Wings and better quality

A choice of 6 or 7 seats is offered, which are located in three spacious rows of seats.

If the salon is for seven – in the front row by default there are two seats, in the second – three, and two – in the third.
The six-seat configuration is the most spacious – in it in each row a pair of comfortable seats. The most capacious are the armchairs of the first and second row, the children should be seated at the third – there is not much room for the legs.

Doorways are also very wide – there are no problems with placement on the seats, and the second and third – you can easily reach anywhere.

The doors are the newest, fully automatic, they open and close themselves (the whole thing is actually in the electric drive, which is controlled by the driver), they are equipped with inductive, hydroacoustic and capacitive sensors that look all around while the car is in the parking lot.

There are two luggage compartments in the car – also one of the Tesla brand chips.
Front trunk is very small, there you can place a couple sports bags. The rear trunk is only accessible if the rear row is not occupied by passengers.
The machine is equipped with a huge number of security systems, as well as a seventeen inch multimedia system with a touch screen centered on the console, excellent sound system as much as the same seventeen speakers, a digital instrument panel with a bunch of functions and bloat, again an electric drive responsible for doors, seats and trunk.

The interior is finished with leather. There are three color selections to choose from.

For interior lighting, LED lamps are installed, although it goes in the background. A set of maps for navigation that are automatically updated with any changes.
In the cabin could be installed optional a filter against dust, viruses, bacteria. As always – the system of auto braking in emergency cases, viewing blind areas, assistant – parking, all kinds of radars and numerous cameras.

Modifications and range

The car is available in two variations:
– Model X 90D – two electric motors, each of them with a power of 259 horsepower.
This version is accelerated to 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds.
The maximum possible speed is 154 miles per hour.
The range is 255 miles.
– Model X P90D – the engine on the front axle has 259 horsepower, on the rear – 503 horsepower.
Accelerates to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.
The maximum speed of the car is the same 154 miles per hour.
The range in this case is slightly less – 248 miles.

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