2016 Tesla X SUV Release Date, Specs, Review


The Tesla Model X SUV has been in the planning stage for quite a few years. For those of you who were seriously interested in the Model S but needed something a bit bigger and roomier, get ready for this soon-to-be-released new electric vehicle from Tesla.

The platform will be similar to the very popular sedan, as this ground-breaking car manufacturer continues to set the standard for quality in gas-free transportation. Tesla is attempting to expand its sales and profits in 2016 and beyond with this new line, and potentially open up some new markets.

2016 tesla model x specs

While we don’t know too much about the Model X right now, I will share what I’ve learned about this 2016 upcoming launch.

2016 Tesla Model X Release Date

Speculation is that the first Model X will be revealed in September of 2015. Deliveries to dealers should begin by the later part of this year, but some areas may need to wait until early in 2016 to get theirs. Pre-orders are being accepted, but you will most likely need to give a deposit.

2016 tesla model x release date

It is refundable, however, should you change your mind.

2016 Tesla Model X release date: late 2015/2016

2016 Tesla Model X Photos

All photos are refer to concept vehicle. Actual production car images may vary.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV Specs

The 2016 Model X will be built along the same lines as the Models S, only bigger and more practical. Obviously, this vehicle requires no gas at all to power it, as it runs on total electrical energy. Just like the sedan it has two engines, one in front and another in the back, giving it an extra boost!

Battery packs will range from a 60 kWh up to an 85 kWh, and the horsepower should be around 400. Driving range will probably be over 200 miles for both batteries, but the acceleration will vary a bit.

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2016 tesla model x doors

For instance, it will take you about 6 seconds to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour with the 60 kWh battery, as opposed to 5.5 seconds with the other. Tesla will likely want to release a bulked-up version of their SUV as well, one that utilizes around 700 horsepower to go from zero to 60 in fewer than 4 seconds!

Stay tuned for more information to become available!

2016 Tesla Model X Interior

This is what really separates the newest creation of the Tesla family from the rest. The 2016 Model X will have much more space inside the vehicle than previous models to date.

It will comfortably seat up to seven adults, and even has captain seats in the second row for added comfort. Additionally, there will still be plenty of cargo space to use even if all of the seats are occupied.

2016 tesla model x interior

In the cabin up front you will get to enjoy the same technologically advanced gadgets you’ve come to expect from the Tesla company, along with a few unique moderations to give the SUV its own personal touch.

2016 Tesla Model X SUV Review

It’s difficult to give a complete review of the 2016 Tesla Model X SUV until it hits the market. But I can state that initially it won’t have too much competition, if any, in the electric powered SUV class.

Two credible names to keep an eye on are the Audi Q8 e-tron and XC90 T8 from Volvo, but most of the others are still in the planning or developmental stage. For the time being it will pretty much stand alone offering qualities not found elsewhere in the crowded SUV marketplace.

2016 tesla model x seats

2016 Tesla Model X Price

Tesla has not yet given an exact figure concerning the price tag on the 2016 Model X. Popular speculation suggests that the standard 60 kWh edition will start around $75,570. Other higher end models could go for around $80,000, to just over the $100,000 mark. This is, of course, a conservative guess.

2016 tesla model x price

We will have to wait a bit longer for the exact numbers.

Also, don’t forget about the lucrative $7,500 federal tax credit that is associated with this type of purchase to further sweeten the deal.

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