2016 Toyota Camry price and release date


Toyota Camry is a 5-seater mid-size sedan, being currently sold in US. The current generation is being sold since 2011. It received a minor facelift in 2014, but Toyota is going to present a brand-new generation of highly popular sedan next year.

2016 Toyota Camry is going to be launched in 2016 for US market, but the exact release date in unknown. Regarding the pricing there are certain speculations that price tag remains the same and will be started from $23 000 for basic version and about $30 000 for hybrid modification.

Release date: 2016

2016 Toyota Camry exterior changes

The front part of a car reflects the new Toyota global design trend used primarily in Lexus models. It is about the front bumper, which now has a trapezoidal shape. The headlights are also changed as well as the grille. In the license plate niche photo shows an interesting chrome edging. LED technology headlights will be available as an option, which will be standard for taillights.

2016 toyota camry rear view


There are only minor changes in the side. In fact if you look at 2013 Toyota Camry comparing to the new one, you could only note a small changes in details.
The rear part features a new bumper with reflectors along its edges.

But do not think that the car has now become more and more spacious. Overall figures really changed, but only because the bumpers became wider. The interior dimensions remains the same.

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2016 toyota camry front

2016 Toyota Camry interior changes

Regarding to the internal space there are also some changes compared to the previous generation model. The main change is the new multimedia displays. Depending on the trim level, the display may be six or seven inches in size. Let’s now look at the dashboard. Here we note a new object is located between the speedometer and tachometer. It’s another color screen, which displays the tip of the navigation system or the on-board computer data. As an option, wireless mobile phone charger is available.

Toyota seriously thought about the quality of finishing. So, now it was based on higher quality materials including leather and wood inserts. The lateral support for driver and front passenger seats is also improved. Due to this, the seats well-fixed the body even in sharp turns.

The back row could comfortably accommodate 3 passengers. Interestingly, that central part rear seats uses one upholstery material, and the side parts – completely different. Even if you do not take top trim with leather seats, standard interior will fully satisfy the needs of the customer. The material is easily cleaned and dirt-proof.

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2016 toyota camry interior

2016 Toyota Camry technical specifications

The new Toyota Camry is more notable in terms of technical innovations rather than its appearance. First of all, it is important to note the presence of limited slip differential fitted with preload. In this way, the Toyota Camry is easier to handle and road stability is improved.

Sedan will get modified suspension, with a new shock absorbers. With a new shock absorbers the Camry’s ride is very smooth. Furthermore, the car will become noticeably quieter. It was achieved by standard solutions – engineers simply have installed additional noise insulation due to improvements in terms of soundproofing materials.

Regarding the engine lineup, two engines will remain the same as on pre-restyling version, and one engine will be completely new. It is two-liter gasoline engine that has 150 horsepower and a torque of 146 ft lb (199 Nm). The engine combined with six-speed automatic transmission.

The new unit has a system that controls the valve timing, as well as a combined fuel injection. It is possible to achieve good performance with low fuel consumption. The new Camry with this engine accelerated from 0 to 60 in 10.4 seconds with the average fuel consumption of 31 mpg. The other engine options went to the new Camry from its predecessor. They have a 2.5 and 3.5 liters capacity, and produce 178 and 268 horsepower respectively.

Despite the fact that Toyota offers more powerful engines than a new 2.0L 150 hp engine, the main emphasis will be placed precisely on the new power unit. It is worth noting that the 150 hp is enough to meet the needs of the modern driver.

The car accelerates very well, it has a worthy dynamic performance. But the main advantage lies in the fuel efficiency. Not every mid-size non-hybrid sedan today have 33-39 mpg for highway, and about 23-29 mpg in city. Of course, the actual fuel consumption rate can be higher than the Toyota’s data, it is all depends on driving style.

The hybrid drivetrain of the hybrid version remains the same.

2016 toyota camry front

Article about the 2016 Toyota Camry has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is an actual information.

Toyota Camry brand history

The first Toyota Camry for US market was released in 1983. It was referred to compact-class vehicles and available as 4-door sedan and 5-door liftback. The next generation Camry became available for US customers in 1988 and was a best-seller. The following generations of Toyota Camry for US-market since 1991 was referred to mid-size class. The current generation of Camry debuted in 2011.

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2016 Toyota Camry photos

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Prices, specifications, options, features of 2016 Toyota Camry could change without notice.

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