New VW Golf R Boosted 300 HP Out Of 2 Liter Engine


The next, already the fourth in a row, charged hatchback from Volkswagen appeared before the amazed public in Frankfurt. This time the German designers worked more thoroughly, preparing a sports version of a civil car capable of accelerating almost as fast as the famous Porsche 911.

Mad Golf

Externally from a standard 7th generation car, the charged Golf R is distinguished by other bumpers, the presence of bodykit, aluminum side mirrors, light alloy wheels for 18 or 19 inches, a spoiler, four sports exhaust pipes and new bi-xenon headlights. Thecosmetic changes have added a hatchback of necessary sportiness and at the same time improved the aerodynamics of the body, which is extremely important for a sports car.

Sport package

In the salon, German designers and engineers offered a completely new finish “Carbon Touch” with leather and fabric materials simulating a carbon fiber coating.

Don’t forget convenient sports bucket seats, sports dashboard, metal coating pedals, illumination of thresholds, other interior lighting system and compact three-spoke steering wheel.

Max power from 2 liters

Under the hood of the new Volkswagen Golf R is a turbocharged petrol unit with four cylinders having a total displacement of 2.0 liters. EA888 engine, also known for Audi S3, is equipped with a direct fuel injection system and a new system for adjusting the height of the exhaust valves. The maximum power of this engine is 300 hp, reached at 5500 – 6200 rpm, and the peak torque is at the level of 280 lb ft, which allows to provide unsurpassed dynamics: from zero to sixty this car accelerates for 5.1 second.

Note that these figures refer to the modification with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Also, the developers will also offer a variant with a 6-speed automatic DSG, equipped with two clutches, which will bring the starting acceleration time from 0 to 60 to a mark of 4.9 seconds, which is only 0.1 seconds slower than the base Porsche 911, but at the same 0.1 seconds faster than the Cayman S.

The maximum speed of the VW Golf R will be limited to electronics 155 mph, while the speedometer shows a scale marked up to 200 mph. With regard to fuel consumption, the expected average level of gasoline consumption should be about 29 mpg for the version with manual and about 32 mpg for the version with the DSG.

The layout of the suspension and steering gear is borrowed from the Golf GTI version, but all settings have been revised again, and the clearance has received another reduction (total -0.8″ in comparison with the standard Golf).

The new Golf R is equipped with an all-wheel drive based on the fifth-generation Haldex coupling and an electronic imitation of differential locks for each of the axles. Also, as an option, you can order an adaptive suspension of all four wheels with three standard operating modes: “Comfort”, “Normal” and “Sport”. The brake system of the machine will be disc, ventilated.
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