New Fabulous Volvo Flagship – S90 Sedan


The new sedan from Volvo in terms of size will be almost indistinguishable from the current S80. While buyers can count on modern car design. We can assume that it will receive branded front together with smooth and soft body lines.

There is a version that will stand out the premium model from Sweden – it is head optics in the form of the letter “T” with led daytime running lamps and a stylish grille.

S90 Reveal

Premiere of the S90 sedan will take place next year.

Later the Swedish automaker will create a station wagon based on the new sedan, which will be named Volvo V90. The Assembly of both machines must be arranged in Daqing (China).

Volvo claims that the appearance of the concept of their largest sedan they have done with an eye on classic Volvo models, using a new design language. With just a spark of imagination in elongated coupe silhouette of the car body and the unusual shape of the lid of expanded hood you can see the general idea of coincide, for example, with a Volvo PV series  produced during the WWII. However, modern body panels, smoothed lines and angles, hypnotizing headlights and grille completely tear this temporary link.

Futuristic interior with an extremely simple form of the front panel where all the buttons are replaced with a large touchscreen in the center, isn’t about the heritage classic models at all. Volvo have cleaned the cabin from unnecessary controls and adjustments, and the seats on the left and right part of the car divided with soaring high tunnel.

The exterior of the car looks stunning. Thanks to new Volvo styling called with “Thor Hammer” LED headlights, exquisite grille and superior profile of the whole body. It looks way more interesting than S80 sedan. And what is more, the rear part of the body is coupe-like, that is why the new Volvo S90 will be fight for customers with premium Audi A7 and BMW 5-series GT. And people might prefer Volvo, because it gives a real sense of elegance and uniqueness.

What Is The Cost?

The price tag at the premiere of the New Volvo S90 2016 will be approximately $50,000 for the basic trim. Price range is expected to be nearly the same level as for new Volvo XC90 SUV. The actual pricing will be announced later, within the actual release of Volvo S90.

Small and Turbocharged

The car is based on XC90 platform, so it is expected that engine range will be the same. For North American market it is 4-cylinder 2,0-liter turbocharged T6 engine with supercharger, producing 316 hp. The car will certainly have all-wheel drive layout with 8-speed automatic transmission.

For Europe and other markets the engine range will be a bit wider – there are 2-liter I4 turbodiesel (190 hp); the same engine but twin-turbocharged (225 hp); 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine (264 hp); and extremely progressive T8 hybrid (see below).

Awesome Interior

Now look at the interior – the same motives like many other Volvo cars, but now feels more premium, metal accents, genuine wood and premium level leather. Large screen or infontainment system which has multiple functions, not only for entertaining. Just like Tesla, it used for climate control, navigation and many other features. his means that features of the Volvo XC90 will move on flagship sedan S90.

It is possible that 2016 Volvo S90 interior will differ depending on trim levels, and there are possible higher trim levels that provide owners with much more luxury and gadgets than competitors.

Don’t forget that it is Volvo, so here we have all Air-Bags installed possible and special-shaped front and rear seats providing extra comfort and safety for all passengers.

The interior looks just brilliant, providing a whole new level of details quality.

Hybrid Version

As XC90, 2016 Volvo S90 will probably be available as plug-in hybrid version. It comes with T8 engine which is 2-liter 4-cylinder supercharged petrol engine and electric motor. The overall output of drivetrain is 407 hp. The exact EV-only range of S90 is unknown, as well as actual release date of hybrid version.

Diesel Version

Just like XC90, the diesel engines will definitely be available only in Europe and some Asian countries. Mostly, Volvo doesn’t offer diesel vehicles in North American market.

The novelty of the Scandinavian automaker will have the fuel system, which the company called the most economical in the entire segment. To achieve this, designers had to combine D4 diesel engine and a SPA platform.

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