2017 Acura MDX updated crossover – price confirms premium class


Acura MDX 2017, attributable to the premium class, and the price confirms this class, will soon begin to learn roads. Official dealers of the American division of company Honda are ready to soon offer it to interested buyers.

2017 Acura MDX concept

2017 Acura MDX release date

The new product will be available to order from dealers by the end of 2016. From that time on will start its mass production.

Release date: late 2016

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2017 Acura MDX

2017 Acura MDX redesign

The previous design of the Acura was not injured. The SUV developers felt that the design of 2013 is quite modern, and there’s no need to make any changes.

Perhaps it is connected with a great measure of aerodynamic resistance, which was achieved as a result of the last restyling, it is possible that the smooth lines of the body combined with the original headlights with LEDs, but the fact remains – from the outside the car has not changed.

Massive air intakes and grille with a background in the form of an impressive bumper, as before, form the Acura MDX 2017 image of an aggressive crossover. We’ve got something to surprise the driver and passengers of a random oncoming car.

Craving for a certain gigantism significantly visually weigh down the car, but we should not forget that inside the cabin – three rows of seats for seven people, so the 2017 Acura MDX is a very compact for such accomodations.

2017 Acura MDX redesign

2017 Acura MDX interior

The interior, like the exterior, has not undergone much change, except that associated with the new transmission. The latter, now in the form of panels with push buttons, feels pretty good and has ageless looks. The distance between the control panel and front-row seats has slightly increased .

Trimming materials, such as leather, wood, metal and plastic quite match the premium status of the car as its comfortable driver and passenger seats. The capacity of the trunk starts with 8.26 cubic ft. If you remove the last row of seats, it will increase to 23.8, and if the second – up to 47.4 cubic feet.

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2017 Acura MDX interior

2017 Acura MDX dimensions

And without determining the linear dimensions it is clear that the Acura MDX is a large vehicle. But it is necessary to verify this by seeing that:

  • crossover lenght – 194.2 inches;
  • width – 77.1 in (with exterior mirrors – 86.8 in);
  • height – 68.1 in.
  • clearance is also not far behind from the rest of SUV of such size – 7.8 in;
  • The wheelbase is 111.2 in.

Note that in this segment the main competitors are Lexus RX, BMW X5 and Toyota Highlander.

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2017 Acura MDX seats

2017 Acura MDX specs

If you start with the most modest configuration of Acura MDX, then it is named Techno. Don’t be surprised by the extensive list of advantages of the base trim level, because it is a car of premium class. The cabin is trimmed with leather, there are LED headlights, Parktronic, power trunk lid, gorgeous audio system with eleven speakers – this is only some of what is in Techno.

A more advanced version called Advance can boast the presence of the cruise control, 360-degree camera view, ventilated front seats, advanced safety systems and a separate multimedia panel for those in the back row.

2017 Acura MDX rear view

2017 Acura MDX old engine and gearbox

Anyone that knows the previous Acura MDX, remember there was a V6 with 6-speed automatic transmission. As a result of the restyling of the under the hood mastered 9-speed automatic transmission SportShift, particularly it is not added much to crossover characteristics, but giving ability to choose the conditions at which the fuel consumption becomes minimum.

New automatic transmission is using the new all wheel drive system SH-AWD transmitting 290 HP, which gives it a good old petrol six cylinders engine and 3.5 litres of capacity. This is enough so that the SUV could accelerate up to 113 miles per hour, spending an average of 23 miles per gallon.

2017 Acura MDX engine

2017 Acura MDX Price

As already mentioned, the premium class is a premium class. For Techno dealers want from $43,000. Advance costs more – $45,000.

New 2017 Acura MDX

2017 Acura MDX video review

2017 Acura MDX pictures

  • Carroll Pistole

    I have purchased a 2017 MDX advance AWD. My owners manual talks about a engine hanger that the negative ground from the battery attaches to. The owners manual shows the hanger to be located on the passenger side near the rear of the engine compartment. The owners manual says do not attach the negative ground anywhere else but this hanger. I can’t find no hanger located there. Please Tell me or show me where it is. I go away for three months in the summer as I live in Southern Arizona and the car sits with a battery tender on the battery for three months at a time. I need this negative ground located. Help me please.

Editor's rating
4.7 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.8
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.8
  • Fuel economy4.6

New 2017 Acura MDX will be not just a more luxurious version of Honda Pilot, it will have completely different interior with more advanced gadgets and safety systems. However, the engine will likely remains the same 3.5L V6.

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