New Acura TLX Is The Essence of Affordable Premium


Many of you know what a concept, and what is the serial version of the car. Very often, car manufacturers are at international motor shows trends in concept format. They all have bright, futuristic appearance. But when it comes to the production version, the entire brightness disappears somewhere, and there is a sad, simple car that against the background of the concept looks very ordinary.

But there are exceptions when the serial version with almost exactly the same as the appearance of your concept. In the case of the TLX it happened that way. First prototype was presented as part of the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Everyone expected that in a series of car in this form will not go, it’s too good to be true in order. But the prime minister of the serial version in New York revealed – new Acura TLX almost completely repeated appearance version TLX Concept.

Release date of 2017 Acura TLX is unknown yet, but as 2017 model year car, it has high possibility to appear on market in the last quarter of 2016.

Release date: last quarter 2016

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The pricing for Acura TLX 2017 will start at approximately $ 33,000 for a front-wheel drive basic version with 4-cylinder engine.

Update: the car is available for purchase from $32,950 up to $45,850 without options.

Type-S Modification

Type-S modification of 2017 model year TLX is a special edition car with body kit, more powerful 3.5L V6 engine producing 290 hp (according to preliminary information) and more likely all-wheel drive layout. It will also equipped by 9-speed automatic gearbox made by ZF.

For photo and video materials can be seen that the car Acura TLX has an attractive appearance and fully in line with European class D, and luxury. Honda and its premium Acura division did a solid job on the new sedan. Not surprisingly, because of their TLX must compete with such monsters as the BMW of the third series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Lexus IS, Infinity Q50, and a number of other sedans.

The front end is richly decorated with LED head technology, which perfectly fit between the bumper and the hood, also made in a wonderful style. But false radiator grille like us back in the days of knights. She clearly recalls Crest, but looks modern, stylish and aggressive. The bumper with splitter, air intake slits and tidy, gentle fog lamps complete the front of the unparalleled image 2017 Acura TLX.

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In profile, we see the thin, soft and smooth lines, slanted front hood, neat roof line, large wheel arches, large and comfortable doors, stylish and ultra-modern exterior mirrors. All this is perfectly complemented by the big wheels of 20 inches and low profile tires. Although, if desired, in the wheel arches fits wheel with more serious radius. The rear part also looks very attractive due to the inflated rear arches, large bumpers, short trunk lid, crowned with a spoiler and superb optics.

Luxurious Accord

In the premium sports sedan interior is in full compliance with the class to which belongs to Acura TLX. Because it can be described quite briefly.

Namely, the applied high-quality finishing materials, build quality at the highest level. Organization of the dashboard, instrument panel and center console – even the envy of many competitors. Plus, it has the excellent organization of informativeness, entertainment and comfort in the cabin.

To finish the applied synthetic and genuine leather inserts of real wood, very pleasant and soft plastics, chrome. All this creates a convenient, comfortable, functional, beautiful five-seater saloon wonderful Japanese sedan.

As for dimensions, the car was obviously a major and its length is slightly ahead of many competitors in the class. Thus, a length of 4831 millimeters, and the wheelbase to 2,776 millimeters is necessary. Unfortunately, data on the height and width there, exactly as ride height.

Fitted With Hi-Tech

In the case of the Acura TLX all we presented in the best possible way with the buyer’s point of view. The basic version is equipped with a very rich and intense, but if you want to supplement it with the options you can without any problems. We will try to transfer you to the most important components that go into the database and are available optionally: a wide range of security systems, collision avoidance system of automatic braking in the event of threats to the adaptive cruise control running at low speeds for the blind zones of control system of tracking system for the crossing of road markings and road signs system help at start uphill tracking system for the blind zones of electronic handbrake electric, ventilation and heating for the front seats keyless access to the interior motor start button dual-zone climate control multimedia system with a color touchscreen 7-inch navigator, analyzing cork premium audio system 10 speakers and 455 watts.

The Same Story

The manufacturer felt that it would be enough for the sedan two engines to choose from buyers. In principle, it is right. Both engines have remarkable characteristics, and all is good with fuel consumption. But let’s look at each of the presented power units made in Japan alone.

The role of the junior engine takes four-cylinder unit, which amounts to 2.4 liters. Its power – 206 horsepower and torque of 247 Nm in the index. It works engine with eight-speed robotised gearbox. It is important to note that this is the first checkpoint in the world box that has two disk clutch and torque converter. Through teamwork and gear box of the motor, according to the manufacturer, the fuel consumption in combined mode is quite good 8.4 liters per hundred kilometers traveled path.

The role of senior motor got power unit volume of 3.5 liter with direct injection of fuel into the cylinders, as well as the younger of the motor. With such a screen could extract power of 290 horsepower and torque to achieve 362 Nm. A couple of nine-storeyed engine Automatic transmission. Their tandem will allow the manufacturer to specify the section consumption figure of 9.4 liters per hundred kilometers in combined driving mode. The standard car gets a front-wheel drive, but has polnoupravlyaemoe chassis. Due to the special system when the car goes in turns, the electronic unit gives the command and rear wheels turn in a small arc. Due to this significantly improves handling and stability of the sedan.

Well, as an option only for the Acura TLX with a motor of 3.5 liters, the buyer can get a full drive. But it is not as simple as it may seem. The peculiarity of this system all-wheel drive is that there is no center differential, but instead runs an active rear cross-axle differential.
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4.6 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.7
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.7
  • Fuel economy4.5

A real hi-tech equipped sedan from Acura is a descent combination of performance and comfort.

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