2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: fast Italian beauty


Alfa Romeo presented recently a brand new sports four-door sedan, which was named Alfa Romeo Giulia. Official first premiered in a renovated museum of the Italian company on June 24. But the global presentation will be held in the framework of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was held in September 2015.
According to company management, their new Julia is a modern, high-tech car, which absorbed all the best that has been achieved for the Alfa Romeo 105 years of its existence. By the way, 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia – successor is fairly popular model Alfa Romeo 159. In the role of its main rival in the international arena will speak German Grand BMW M3. Because of the Italian sports sedan should not expect much.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia release date

Firstly the release date of the new Italian sportsedan was scheduled on the middle of this year, but then it was postponed to mid 2017 due to various reasons.

Release date: 2017

2017 alfa romeo giulia release date

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia price

Alas, at the moment about the price the manufacturer has not reported anything. Most likely, we can expect price tags at the level of its main competitor – the BMW M3, which costs in the US from 65 thousand dollars.

2017 alfa romeo giulia exterior

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia exterior

If you look at a photo and video materials provided by the official website of the manufacturer, it is already possible to speak with confidence about the high potential of the machine. It looks like a true Italian car with the characteristics of appearance. The body is incredibly stylish, attracting the attention of virtually every one of its side. Briefly describe the new product can be a sporty, dynamic and excitable car.

2017 alfa romeo giulia price

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia interior

Inside we see a great continuation of that prepared this car designers. Of course, the interior is decorated in a sports theme to highlight the feature of the model.
Multifunctional steering wheel compact size perfect hold in your hands has built-button start-stop system to start the engine. Behind it there is an informative instrument panel with large radii of the speedometer and tachometer. Among them – multifunction screen of 7 inches. The front panel and center console slightly turned to the driver, it does not violate integrity of the interior.

2017 alfa romeo giulia interior

Ahead of the driver and passenger are placed in comfortable sports cockpits with excellent lateral support and a secure fit of the body.

Finishing is made of various materials – natural and artificial leather inserts of carbon fiber, aluminum, fabric.

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia equipment

For 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia used a completely new entertainment system by 8.4 inches, it complemented the premium audio system and many other chips, typical of a modern luxury car.

2017 alfa romeo giulia equipment

While on the equipment manufacturer is not specifically mentioned. However, after the presentation of June 24 was able to learn some of the details and make a list of equipment proposed for Julia in the starting configuration and option the “chips”. It is currently known about these systems: multi-function steering wheel; Start-Stop system for starting the engine; a new generation of multimedia system; Information Display 7 inches in the dashboard; sports seats, front cockpit; electric adjustment and heated front seats; Cooling system and front seat massager; dual-zone climate control; electric parking brake; premium audio system; alloy wheels to choose from; leather upholstery; a full set of advanced security systems and electronic assistants.

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia specs

Now it’s time to talk about the most interesting component of this Italian car – the technical characteristics that have provided engineers Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The company intends to offer its customers several versions charged sedan. Unfortunately, we only know about the most extreme of them – Quadrifoglio Verde.

2017 alfa romeo giulia specs

Under the hood it has located a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and Twin Turbo system. He, by the way, got Julia from Maserati Ghibli. In addition, for the Alpha engine upgraded and improved. As a result, the power to 510 horsepower. This herd of horses allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

What features are provided for weaker versions – it is unknown. It reported only that the choice will offer diesel and gasoline engines with six cylinders. Engineers say that Julia will get ideal weight – 50 to 50. The suspension is fully independent. Ahead – double wishbones, rear – multi-link design. Brakes have high efficiency, very precise control, adaptive dampers – all great impact on the agility and the ability to pass on high speed bends. Also, the driver can change the settings of the systems. However, the racing mode is available only in the most powerful version, exactly as the brakes of carbon-ceramic alloy.

2017 alfa romeo giulia engine

The body is made of aluminum alloy die-cast aluminum, high-strength steel, composite materials, and so forth. The most powerful version with all-wheel drive system, however, will not have a curb weight of 1500 kilograms.

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia video

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia image gallery

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