All-New Aston Martin Lagonda Get Taraf Name And Huge Pricing


Exclusive sedan Aston Martin Lagonda was marked by the official premiere in the spring of 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show and surprised with the very unusual body design and also the interior made of crocodile leather.

Perhaps, it will be interesting for our readers to get acquainted with a posh sedan with the help of photo and video materials, learn the technical characteristics and the level of equipment of the British exclusive collections.

Strange Pricing and Name

The model was originally created with an eye to selling exclusively in the countries of the Middle East and even received the additional Arabic name Taraf (unconditional luxury), but… Arab sheikhs are not eager to buy a fantastically expensive sedan, and the management of the British company announced the model’s exit to other markets.

So you can order a sedan for about 1 million dollars already in the US, South Africa, Europe, Russia, Singapore, China and even in South America. It was planned to release 200 copies of Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf, but in such a difficult situation the manufacturer considers it reasonable to limit production of 150 cars in order to somehow justify the means invested in the development of novelties.

But it is not clear why overpay, because in fact the Lagonda sedan is the Aston Martin Rapide S with an unusual design and carbon fiber body panels. In this sedan per million is equipped with a conventional suspension with steel springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers (air suspension is not available even as an option), power steering.

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Such a set, however, provides a representative sedan with excellent handling and stability when driving even at speeds exceeding 186 mph.

More Than Pretty

The appearance of the novelty is in general something unimaginable. If you were born long and are well acquainted with the Lagonda of the last century, then the exterior of the Aston Martin Lagonda will not be a revelation for you. And if you started not so long ago to be interested in cars, then you will be surprised how unique this new sedan turned out to be.

The front part received a classic false radiator grille of hexagonal shape with numerous chrome bridges, a ribbed long hood, very narrow LED optics, an exquisite bumper. In general, the machine is characterized by rather angular shapes, straight lines. From this appearance only wins.

On the side, we see air vents, large side doors, an almost perfectly flat roof line, the same ideal radii of wheel arches, unique designer wheel rims. So I want to call this sedan ideal in all respects. But so far we will not rush to conclusions.

The rear is decorated with a fairly large stern with a compact luggage compartment lid, somewhat darkened optics, two concealed exhaust system sockets that do not protrude from the bumper, and are integrated into it. It looks like a car at the rear is simply gorgeous.

Luxurious Interior

Inside the car is no less attractive than outside and it’s clearly visible from the photo. This is understandable, because we have an exclusive car.

We will tell at once, the salon can get a little changed kind in comparison with a basic variation which the manufacturer has presented.

All because designers can fulfill almost any whim of the customer, that is, make the interior design as the client wishes to see it. We add that the salon used a lot of polished aluminum, leather of the highest quality, as well as natural wood.

The saloon has a layout for four seats, including the driver. Each of the passengers received a separate armchair of enhanced comfort, supplemented by integrated headrests. A neighbor next door will not interfere, because between the seats there is a very high tunnel, on which you can place your hands, put drinks and so on. Interestingly, the rear row is at a certain elevation with respect to the front seats.

Nothing New Under the Hood

In the engine compartment, many already known twelve-cylinder petrol power unit with 48 valves and a volume of 6.0 liters. From it, engineers extracted 600 horsepower of power and torque equal to 464 lb ft.

The engine is supplemented by an automatic eight-band transmission. Their tandem provides acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds. The maximum speed, apparently, is limited by the electronic collar, since it stops at 280 km per hour.
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