4-Door Aston Martin Become Even More Rapide


The British company introduced an updated model – Aston Martin Rapid of 2017 model year. The manufacturer speaks of a new sports car, as a model, in which he skilfully combined the improved performance of productivity, while reducing fuel consumption.

In addition to increased capacity and decreased appetite, 4-door sedan has a new gearbox, suspension and steering changes reconfiguration, resulting in more confident of the car on the road and responsiveness to driver input.

European sales start is scheduled for late 2016.

Aston Martin Rapide is one of the most expensive executive sedans on the market. It is on the same league with luxurious 2017 Bentley Mulsanne and top versions of Porsche Panamera. So, the initial price for Rapide is set to $210,000.

Update: the car has released in the end of 2016 for the US market with the same starting price of $208.825.

Devilishly Beautiful

The new sports car Rapide S was presented with his brethren: Vanquish coupe and cabriolet Vanquish Volante.

None of the updated models has not been noticeable changes in appearance, except for the new exterior colors Diavalo Red (rich red) and interior trim, as well as lightweight forged wheel rims with 10 spokes.

A distinctive feature of the Aston Martin Rapid, this is an interesting development solution in the back of the car design. It is designed so that passengers seated behind views both the front and sides.

Excellent support and comfort provided by two individual seats, which are trimmed by hand and personalized air conditioning and heating, situated at the head. Present in the cabin and color screens that are integrated into the headrests of the front seats.

2017 Aston Martin Rapide interior

To ensure convenient everyday use, the car trunk is equipped with a folding partition, which allows access to the rear seats. The rear seats can be folded by pressing a single button, and thereby increase the volume of the luggage compartment from 300 to 750 liters.

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And Pretty Fast

After the improvement of fuel and upgrade the firmware of the control unit the intake system 12-cylinder engine, performance speed and efficiency improved significantly, which largely contributed to the change of the gearbox.

The new 8-speed Touchtronic III 3 percent lighter than before and has two operating modes: manual and automatic. The new transmission allows gear changes to expend on the order of 130 ms and is able to adapt to the driver’s style of management.

New 2017 Aston Martin Rapide

Result – 560 horsepower. Torque 6-liter engine increased by 7.3 ft-lb, that resulted in 472 ft-lb at 5500 rpm. Increased performance indicators have reduced the acceleration time.

Now sports sedan reaches the sixty in 4.2 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than its predecessor. At the same time fuel costs are reduced by 10 percent. Due to more stringent shock absorbers suspension became noticeably more stable during high-speed cornering.

Additionally it has been reconfigured power brakes. Small changes in the power steering led to the sedan more responsive to management.

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Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance5
  • Design5
  • Features4.8
  • Fuel economy3.6

Aston Martin Rapide continue to offer unique car combining beautiful design, supercar performance and 4-door luxurious sedan. However, for a unbelievably high price.

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