2017 Audi A1 upcoming facelift


Audi have recently given a formal presentation of the two new cars for 2017; the Audi A1 and the A1 Sportback.
These two new models have a lot to live up to; the predecessor sold nearly half a million units around the world.

2017 Audi A1 release date

Production of the current model will finish sometime in 2017, but we expect to see the updated version released in mid-2017.

Release date: mid 2017

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2017 Audi A1 exterior redesign

Photos and videos that have been released show that the new A1 (in both versions) is a much prettier car than the previous model.

Little has been done on the inside, but the exterior benefits from new headlights (Xenon option available), redesigned front grille, rectangular fog lights and a smaller front fender.

The rear has also been changed slightly, but not to a great extent; different fender and improved lighting are the main changes, but thanks to these, the dimensions of the new cars are slightly different to the previous model.

2017 Audi A1 dimensions

Audi A1:

  • Length – 156.4” (3973 mm)
  • Width – 68.5” (1740 mm)
  • Height – 55.7” (1416 mm)
  • Wheelbase – 97.2” (2469 mm)
  • Ground clearance – 4.92” (125 mm)

Audi A1 Sportback:

  • Length – 156.4” (3973 mm)
  • Width – 68.7” (1746 mm)
  • Height – 55.9” (1422 mm)
  • Wheelbase – 97.2” (2469 mm)
  • Ground clearance – 4.92” (125 mm)

2017 Audi A1 interior

To see what the new A1 and A1 Sportback will be like on the inside, just look at the S1 and S1 Sportback – they are identical, no changes whatsoever.

Both models have 270 liters of space in the trunk, but if you fold the seats down, that increases to a rather impressive 920 liters.

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2017 Audi A1 video review

2017 Audi A1 engine specs

A variety of engines will be available for the A1 and A1 Sportback, these include two new 3-cylinder engines; gasoline TFSI, 1.0 liter 95 BHP and a 1.4 liter diesel producing 90 BHP and 170 lb/ft torque.

There will also be the previous models diesel and gasoline engines, ranging from 1.4 liters to 1.8 liter and producing between 116 – 192 BHP and 147 lb/ft – 184 lb/ft of torque.

The base model will be fitted with a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission (model dependent) but there is the option for a 7-speed S-Tronic semi-auto transmission.

2017 Audi A1 pictures

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.3
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.5
  • Fuel economy4.5

The updated 2017 A1 will likely to be improved in every aspect, however is unlikely to receive a total redesign.

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