Audi A5 Get New Design And Platform


Since the first generation of the Audi A5, it’s been nine years already, although you can not say on the outgoing generation. Nevertheless, after the new generation of the Audi A4, the second generation of the Audi A5 coupe, built on the platform of the younger sedan, was released.

The exterior of the novelty has changed in the spirit of other fresh models of the brand, and in particular, akin to the Audi A4.

Just Like Audi

Particularly noticeable similarity with the rear end: the same lights, almost the same punching on the trunk. The front part differs from the A4 more significantly. Here the compartment has a different bumper, another optics and a hood with “ribs”.

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Sideways, the car is recognizable and differs from its predecessor only in details, and if you evaluate the exterior in a complex way, then due to the two-door performance, the A5 looks a lot athletic and faster than the A4.

The overall length and wheelbase of the A5 is smaller, and the track in front and behind is wider. At the same time technically both machines have the same MLB evo platform.

Neat Audi Interior

Interior in many respects repeats fresh Audi models. First of all, his lightness rushes into his eyes. Nothing extra, especially if you hide the screen of the multimedia system MMI-system.

Then there will be only the deflectors and the air conditioning unit. The architecture of the panel is such that visually it seems that its main part is suspended in the air, and the central tunnel grows out of the depth.

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The peculiar falsions of the Audi salons of recent years have already become a long false deflector in front of the nose of the front passenger and an electronic instrument panel – in front of the driver’s eyes.

His testimony can be adjusted to the individual preferences of the owner, to enlarge the drawn devices, display the map on the whole screen, indulge in other possibilities… Of course, the impressions from the cabin reinforce the quality of materials and assemblies.

Engine Range

In the first couple of A5 will be offered with a four-wheel drive Quattro and two engines to choose from: diesel 2.0 TDI and petrol 2.0 TFSI with 190 HP and 249 HP respectively.

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The Germans state that both units combine high power output and relatively low consumption. It is possible that over time the range of power units to expand, and most likely to the bottom. Meanwhile, the top of the list will be the version with 3.0 TFSI. Six cylinders and a turbocharger.

This option develops 354 hp – 21 hp more  than predecessor and is called the Audi S5. Cooperate with the A5 engines will be a seven-stage robotic S-tronic box.

At first, the Germans presented only the coupe, but no doubt over time, the range of A5 bodies will expand to a five-door version of the Sportback, as well as a 4 or 5-seat convertible.
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4.7 overall
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  • Design4.7
  • Features4.8
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New Audi A5 sportcoupe will get new styling and brilliant engines combined spectacular power and fuel efficiency.

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