2017 AUDI Q2 spy shot during the test


Surely most motorists at the mention of automobile industry of Germany there are associations with Audi. Audi is one of the brands whose luxury model respected around the world. Today we talk about a brand new 2017 AUDI Q2.

2017 AUDI Q2 redesign

2017 AUDI Q2 concept

Model is extremely small SUV and is very popular among consumers. The debut is scheduled to take place in March, 2016 at the Geneva motor show, and production will be launched in Spain. Now the network is full of information and photos of the car in camouflage on snowy roads are tested for strength and endurance.

2017 AUDI Q2 exterior

2017 AUDI Q2 video review

German design is recognized immediately. When taken as a whole, the exterior looks fashionable. This car is similar to a new crossover Q5, but has fewer options. We can see a new bumper, radiator grille and new led headlights. The design is also revised and now they have become more angular, which gives the appearance of aggression. The roofline is sloping, lower. And the existing intakes would provide good cooling of engine and front braking system.

As raw materials were used lightweight materials: carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength metal. This allowed to reduce the weight of cars, which led to the improved efficiency of use of fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

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2017 AUDI Q2 interior

2017 AUDI Q2 specs

The wheelbase has been able to provide enough space to comfortably accommodate four passengers. In finishing were used high quality materials. Color is brown-black tones. Seats trimmed in leather. On the instrument panel is a large touch display. Available Bluetooth, satellite navigation, GPS, Wi-Fi, and optional synchronization with your phone. Ensure the safety belts, airbags and Parking sensors and the traction control function.

2017 AUDI Q2 dimensions

2017 AUDI Q2 redesign

  • the length amounted to 4.200 m;
  • width equals to 1.750 m;
  • height is 1.570 m;
  • Luggage capacity is 350 liters.

2017 AUDI Q2 engines and specs

2017 AUDI Q2 price

The model will please potential customers with front-wheel drive and with drive on two axles. The novelty is built on the platform MQB. In the engine compartment we will be able to see three – and four-cylinder gasoline and turbodiesel. This TSI capacity of 1.2 litre, 1.4-litre TSI and a more powerful TSI 2.0-liter volume. Maximum capacity will be 225 horses.

As for transmission, drivers will offer six manual and seven-speed robot with double clutch DSG. So there was information that the manufacturer will offer five-cylinder TFSI, with a volume of 2 liters and output of 300 horsepower, which was borrowed from the TTS and S3. It is likely that in the future will be proposed and a rechargeable hybrid.

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2017 AUDI Q2 release date and price

2017 AUDI Q2 engine specs

The exact release date has not yet been announced. Preliminary estimates indicate that this should take place in the second half of 2016 and starting price for the basic package will amount to $39,000. The U.S. market is unlikely see a crossover.

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2017 AUDI Q2 video review

2017 AUDI Q2 pictures

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