All-New 2017 Audi SQ5 Gets Turbocharged


Audi SQ5 – a high-performance version of a compact premium crossover from Ingolstadt, “cooked” according to a standard “recipe”: a sporting entourage of appearance, a powerful engine in the engine compartment and more advanced equipment. At the exhibition of the automotive industry in Detroit, launched on January 9, 2017, the premiere of the “charged” SUV of the second generation, which, like the basic car slightly enlarged in size, tried on the technocratic interior, acquired new options and armed the modernized engine, But it did not become more powerful.

2017 Audi SQ5 Aggressive As Never Before

The appearance of the German is more complicated in comparison with the usual model is embellished with more expressive bumpers, grille with black accents, silver case mirrors, twin exhaust pipes, “SQ5″ badges and special design wheel rims. Such tricks practically did not change the look of the car, except that they only made it a bit more athletic. The length of the second-generation Audi SQ5 extends to 183.8″, and the width and height of its body do not exceed 74.5″ and 64.3″ respectively. Between the wheel pairs, the SUV has a base with a length of 111.1”. In running order, the car weighs 4398 lbs.

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SQ5 2017 New Interior

In the interior of the S-version of the SQ5 has a catchy stitching on the steering wheel and seats, aluminum lining on the pedals, inserts under the carbon on the dashboard, the center console and in the doors, as well as some other elements from the arsenal of S-line. In general, inside the SUV repeats the standard Q5 – a strict but sophisticated design, modern technology and high-quality materials and performance. And on the passenger possibilities Audi SQ5 of the second generation does not differ from the base model – the five-seat layout and the trunk, containing from 19.4 to 21.5 cu ft of luggage in the standard form, and 61 cubic feet with a folded rear seats.

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2017 SQ5 Has A Bit More Than 5 Sec to Sixty

In the engine compartment of the “hot” SUV is an aluminum V6 TFSI 3.0-liter gasoline engine running on the Miller cycle, with a twin-flow turbocharger implanted in the unit, the AVS valve lift adjustment system, direct injection and 32 valves. It develops 354 “horses” at 5000-6500 rpm and 368 ft lb of peak torque at 1370-4500 rpm. The motor is mounted on the car with a 8-speed “automatic” Tiptronic and all-wheel drive quattro, which is configured with a focus on the rear wheels, but if necessary redirects the moment to the axle with better grip. As an option for five-door is available a self-locking differential of the rear axle.

In the driving disciplines of the second generation Audi SQ5 shows good results: the starting acceleration to 60 miles per hour, it overcomes after 5.4 seconds, conquering the bar at 155 mph (top speed is limited by electronics), and consumes 24 mpg in a mixed mode. Like the basic car, the S-crossover is built on the modular platform MLB evo with a double lever in front and a five-lever suspension in rear. Normally, the car flaunts with adaptive shock absorbers, an electric booster with sports settings and ventilated disc brakes of all wheels (naturally, more “hardy” than on the standard model) with a bunch of auxiliary “lotions.” Among the additional equipment there are the pneumatic chassis and the steering with variable effort.
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2017 Audi SQ5 is the new updated high-performance compact crossover SUV, with turbocharged engine and accelearating to sixty in just 5 seconds. Suprising combination of compact size, practicality of SUV, and high-performance of the sportscar.

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