2017 Bentley Continental GT: complete redesign is coming


Bentley Continental GT – attractive, luxurious, large and comfortable car that has everything we could wish for passengers and the driver. The first generation of this model has been presented general public in 2003. The second generation of this model was published with improved design and appearance with an entirely new powertrain, but the car did not get much change except for this. And today we meet the third generation of the famous car, which is and will be devoted to this material.

2017 Bentley Continental GT release date

The release date of the new 2017 Bentley Continental GT is not known yet, but expected in 2017.

Release date: 2017

2017 Bentley Continental GT release date

2017 Bentley Continental GT price

Unfortunately, the price of the third generation Continental GT is not currently known, but there is information that the vehicle will no longer be the most affordable model of the company. The company is already in full force headquarters working on a compact coupe EXP10, which will be offered much cheaper than the new coupe Continental. New Continental will be available from around $ 205,000.

2017 Bentley Continental GT redesign

2017 Bentley Continental GT new platform

The manufacturer of premium cars from the UK will present next year the latest generation of Bentley Continental GT coupe in 2017 on a completely new platform. This news has pleased a lot of loyal fans of the British manufacturer, since the current version of the car is released on the same platform for ten years. This information was able to obtain from the British media. The next generation of the Continental GT Bentley’s will be developed on a shortened version of the VAG group platform. MSB-platform will also be the basis for a new five-door model in Porsche Panamera hatchback. Thanks to her, the coupe will lose a lot of unnecessary kilograms of weight. It is very good as this car weighs more than 2,000 kg.

2017 Bentley Continental GT spy shots

2017 Bentley Continental GT exterior

I would like to say that last year the curious Photospies managed to capture this car, but at that time the car was well hidden camouflage, and see its features, detect changes was impossible. Just recently, the manufacturer once again brought its new coupe on the road test. Paparazzi, seen on the roads of novelty, made a couple of good pictures and posted them online. Thus, the basis for the design of a new generation Continental GT Bentley EXP Speed 6 fresh concept will be taken. This suggests that the dramatic changes in the exterior novelty should be expected. From the innovations we can expect a new design front and rear lighting, front and rear wings, as well as the grille. Judging by the placement of your photos, and the fact that the novelty appeared before Photospies without protective camouflage, we can conclude that the car is almost ready to debut.

2017 Bentley Continental GT exterior

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2017 Bentley Continental GT interior

With regard to interior decoration trends information yet. Presumably, the center console and the instrument panel will receive some changes. Of course, entertainment and information complex of the latest generation will be located inside the cabin. The car is packed with the most advanced auxiliary functions and safety systems. According to the manufacturer of interior Continental – this is truly a great place for hanging out in an environment of luxury and comfort.

2017 Bentley Continental GT interior

2017 Bentley Continental GT specs

Not so long ago, introduced in Vienna W12 powerplant from the company Volkswagen, will have to act as the “heart” not only for the fresh crossover from Bentley, but also for the future generation Continental GT. This engine is equipped with a double turbo, its peak power is fixed at around 608 hp and torque to 900 Nm. It is expected that with this engine, the new Bentley will accelerate to the first hundred in less than four seconds and a peak speed will exceed the threshold of 300 km / h, unless the engine is not equipped with limiter.

2017 Bentley Continental GT new design

As stated by representatives of Volkswagen, used in the Continental GT six-cylinder engine is one of the most efficient engines in its class. Under the hood, the new coupe should also expect four-liter V8 engine, which is equipped with Audi A8. In the case of this vehicle, this would be the base motor model. Dynamics of the third-generation Continental GT is an improved, including, thanks to a significant reduction in vehicle weight. In addition, experts do not rule out the future possibility of a hybrid version of the car.

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2017 Bentley Continental GT video

2017 Bentley Continental GT images

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Completely new Bentley Continental will keep the pace of predecessor, with new turbocharged V8 engine and new design made in the same style as EXP10 concept car.

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