Future BMW 6 Might Get Station Wagon Body


After the advent of the new generation BMW 6-series, except for the recently announced convertible, a four- and two-door coupe, the German brand plans to present its 6-series in the station wagon to its fans. The novelty will create serious competition CLS Shooting Brake from Mercedes-Benz and will occupy a niche in the company’s lineup above 5-series Touring.

The New Modular Platform and Powertrains

The motor line for the new generation of BMW 6-series has already been officially confirmed in the company. It is clear that the Bavarians will accentuate the modernization of the famous six-cylinder engines, code-named S55, B58, B57.

So, the engine range of the BMW 6-series will consist of the following power units:

  • 640i – six-cylinder, three-liter in-line engine, rated at 347 hp;
  • 650i – 476-HP, V8, the displacement of 4.4 liters;
  • 640d – in-line, six-cylinder, three-liter diesel produce 333 hp;
  • The BMW M6 is a twin-turbocharged 600-hp, V8 4.4-liter.

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The novelty will be developed on the 35up platform, used when creating the 5-series and 3-series. At the moment, it was renamed CLAR, to fully associate it with a micromodule or cluster architecture. Thanks to the special CLAR architecture, the body was developed with the use of advanced materials that allow the incorporation of certain carbon fiber components in combination with high-strength steel, titan, um and magnesium, and use a wider range of aluminum alloys in the design.

Due to the use the of extended track and short overhangs, the developers rely on increasing aerodynamic characteristics and on greater stability and reliability in the process of driving. Also, the modification of the “M” series is being worked out, which will be equipped, in addition to everything created for the 6-series equipment, with an individual aerodynamic package.

6-series GT Would Be a Wagon?

Perhaps, of all existing car companies, only the German manufacturer BMW every time surprises fans with its diversity. In other words, every new creation of the German brand offers many modifications. Sedan, coupe, station wagon, convertible, etc. The company’s management does not change its traditions.

Not so long ago, there was information that next year, in the world market, there will be a completely new model – the BMW 6-series Gran Tourer in the body of the station wagon. The novelty will completely copy the image of the usual modification of the Gran Coupe, but the rear door of the car will be inclined, which will be equipped with an electric drive.

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It would be logical to assume that due to the production of the Grand Tourer station wagon the Germans will be able to give a serious rebuff to their main rival – Mercedes-Benz, in the model line of which there is a model of the CLS Shooting Brake.

At the same time, German analysts, referring to their own sources at BMW, declare that the Gran Tourer wagon will be a more expensive and original alternative to similar models of the 5-Series Touring of the future generation. The company also explained why they add the station wagon model to the line of business class. Analysts of the company found out that this body has a great potential, but on one cond ion, if the novelty will combine prestige, quality and comfort.

A spacious baggage compartment of the station wagon will be appreciated by family buyers, business design and modern equipment will be enjoyed by business people. Such a combination will allow the company to occupy a free niche in the world auto market. The Munich automaker also had an understanding that the overall weight of the well-equipped BMW 6-Series should be reduced in order to keep up with Porsche.

Proceeding from this, the updated car of the 2017 model year will also be presented in the body of the coupe and the cabriolet. From reliable sources it was possible to learn that the total weight of the basic version of the car will not be above 3417 lbs.

It is also known that the coupe and convertible will lose as much as 507 lbs in weight, and will use fuel more economically. Modification of the Gran Coup of this model will acquire a slightly enlarged wheelbase, in order to compete with Mercedes CLS and Porsche Panamera, the remaining versions of the BMW 6-Series will retain their usual overall features.

All versions of the 6-series will be transformed in its appearance. It is also known that the package will include new assistant assistants to the driver and many new security systems.

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