2017 BMW 7 series: new level of luxury


Soon at the auto show in Frankfurt, the Germans will show new BMW 7-Series in 2016. This is the sixth generation of the flagship model of the famous manufacturer. Even before the official show has decided to publish a photo BMW 7 Series model year 2016-2017.

2017 BMW 7 Series release date

Assembling cars made in German factory in Dingolfing. Home sales of the BMW 7-Series, as well as in the North American market, will be held in late October.

2017 BMW 7 series release date: late 2016

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2017 BMW 7-Series price

The pricing for the new flagship BMW vehicle will start at $85,000 estimated.

2017 BMW 7 Series exterior

New chetyrehdverki received approximately the same dimensions. And the design of the exterior has not changed significantly. The developers have paid a lot of attention to comfort, safety and equipment of cars.
The appearance of a new generation of the BMW 7-Series line with the current corporate identity of the brand. The main elements of the design of steel flowing lines that form a solid and powerful look. Large front “nostrils” brutal design front headlights with LEDs and stylish bumper with large air intake – the front of a really dynamic.

Wheel arches sedan designed for the installation of the wheels 17-21 inches in diameter, about the heaviness can not be considered. At the rear is located chrome strip that fits nicely into the design of the rear optics. Bumper got a couple of integrated trapezoids, perfectly masking pipes of the exhaust system.

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2017 BMW 7 Series dimensions

length – 5098/5238 mm;
width – 1902 mm;
height – 1478/1485 mm;
wheelbase – 3070/3210 mm.

2017 BMW 7-Series interior

Interior BMW 7 Series looks very modern and attractive. Ergonomics really at the height of quality is felt in virtually every element of the interior. The driver will love the multi-function steering wheel, which is located behind the electronic instrument panel.

Above the center console rises the 10-inch screen multimedia system iDrive, which is designed to adjust a variety of parameters. Below the display are vents, and below – touch the climate control module with nice graphics and two handles to select the optimum temperature. The designers have used only the highest quality materials, among which can be seen genuine leather, aluminum and natural wood.

Trunk volume BMW 7 Series is a new generation of 515 liters. Since the machine Runflat tires fitted, the reserve is not included in the standard equipment of the new BMW 7-Series.

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2017 BMW 7 Series equipment

And front and rear in the BMW 7-Series 2016-2017 year installed seats with ventilation and heating. At the same time the back massage is also available option. Profile of the front seats very carefully thought out, there are ample opportunities to choose the ideal position seats. Interestingly, the rear seat passengers can set back almost horizontally, using it as a convenient footrest. It will not be bored in the back row, because the developers have established two large display, some adjustment of the climate control, a table, as well as 7.0-inch tablet removable type.

For the initial equipment BMW June 7th-generation series has the following elements:

  • LED headlights;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • 18-inch wheels;
  • air suspension;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • multimedia system iDrive;
  • navigator;
  • seats electrically;
  • top-end audio system;
  • a plurality of electronic security systems.

The most expensive assembly of the BMW 7-Series offered with laser optics, climate control 4 zones, trim Nappa leather and others.

2017 BMW 7 series video

2017 BMW 7 series specs

The new BMW 7 Series 2017 will be sold in two versions – 730d xDrive and 750i xDrive. Modifications of these vehicles with extended wheelbase got names 730Ld xDrive and 750Li xDrive, respectively. these machines are equipped with motors 8-speed Steptronic automatic. The Germans established on the sedan wheel drive xDrive, which involves the connection of the wheels of the front axle via multi-plate clutch. So, consider the specifications of the new BMW 7-Series in more detail.

BMW 730d xDrive (730Ld xDrive). In the engine compartment is a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, whose power is 265 hp Maximum torque of this unit is 620 Nm. Diesel “Seven” from BMW accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. The version with long wheelbase spends on it 5.9 seconds. Maximum speed – 250 km / h. Claimed fuel consumption of the BMW 7-Series (diesel) in the combined cycle is 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers.
BMW 730i xDrive (730Li xDrive). Under the hood of the sedan version installed 8-cylinder 450-horsepower engine capacity of 4.4 liter direct fuel supply and a couple of turbines. The torque of the motor is at the peak of 650 Nm. Up to 100 km / h this BMW 7-Series accelerates only 4.4 seconds (730Li xDrive – 4.5). “Maximum speed” is the same 250 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption – from 8.1 to 8.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

At the heart of the new generation 7-Series is a new platform CLAR, assuming a longitudinal engine installation. The body of the car – a combination of elements made of carbon fiber, aluminum and high-strength steels. Therefore, the equipped sedan weighs about 1825-1915 kg. New from Bavaria received a fully independent suspension with front double wishbones. In the rear five-link suspension set. All suspension components are aluminum. Already in the base car is equipped with air suspension with shock absorbers, adjustable on the electronic level.

BMW 7 Series new generation received electric power steering. The surcharge is proposed function Integral Active Steering, which provides rear wheels turn at 1-3 degrees. All four wheels have got reliable ventilated disc brakes with a lot of all sorts of electronic assistants.

2017 BMW 7 series images

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Brilliantly looking BMW flagship sedan with a wide variety of new technologies and features, equipped with powerful engine.

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