2017 BMW i3 Electric will outrun Nissan, but will lose to Chevrolet


The German automaker intends to carry out an upgrade of the electric vehicle BMW i3, and next year the model will be able on a single charge to drive the distance in one and a half times more than now. So, the Bavarians will be able to compete with opponents cars. Although, not all…

2017 BMW i3 concept travel distance

2017 BMW i3 interior

For the Germans it is essential to overtake on a course stock best selling electric car in the world – the Nissan Leaf, and this task is almost done. If today’s BMW i3 starts at the same time with “Japanese”, “German” will use up its energy reserve after about 130 miles, and the Leaf continues for 40 km more (according to manufacturers). Next year BMW will be ahead: its power reserve will be about 190 km.

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2017 BMW i3 power batteries

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The development of lithium-ion batteries with extended capacity for the BMW i3 has confirmed Ian Robertson, member of BMW Board of Directors, in charge of sales and marketing, according to the publication Automotive News. By 2017, the company is preparing a service pack for its electric car, however, BMW still holds in secret, what else besides batteries, will change in i3.

2017 BMW i3 range

2017 BMW i3 price

If the win over Nissan, we can say, in their pocket (at least on the range), then the other opponent will definitely spoil the life of the German electrocore. Talking about the hatchback Chevrolet Bolt EV, which will launch production in late 2016. Of course it will be cheaper than BMW, and even have more “powerful” battery. Thanks to them, the Bolt will be able to go 322 kilometres on a single charge.

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2017 BMW i3 pricing

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It is expected that the Chevrolet Bolt will cost US at least $30,000 taking into account tax benefits received by buyers of environmentally friendly cars in America. For comparison: for BMW i3 now asking $43,350. The latter amount is based on the cost of delivery to the dealer, but without tax concessions. They depend from state to state, but in any case the price falls to the level of Chevrolet.

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2017 BMW i3 release date

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We will remind, the official premiere Chevrolet Bolt held just few time ago. The model was shown in all its glory at the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas. Full specifications were disclosed during the auto show in Detroit. 2017 BMW i3 release date hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it is expected in early 2017.

Release date: early 2017

2017 BMW i3 concept

2017 BMW i3 video review

2017 BMW i3 pictures

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