2017 BMW i8 500HP hybrid appears in 2017


Hybrid BMW i8 2017, the power unit capacity of which is 362 horsepower, cannot be called the sports car at all desire. And that’s even considering the fact that up to a 60 mph per hour the car accelerates very quickly – in just 4.4 seconds. But if you ignore the numbers, it appears that the comfort in the 2017 BMW i8 is much more than sports. And BMW company understand this too. That is why the Germans decided to develop another version that will actually be able to claim the title of the real supercar with a hybrid engine.

2017 BMW i8 release date and pricing

But to reduce the cost of the car the Germans are unlikely to succeed. Now they say that the updated i8 model will cost about 30% more than the regular BMW i8. On the other hand all indicators new hybrid supercar promises to be a much better version then now being sold. So the demand will be. It remains to wait for 2017. It scheduled the official release date.

Release date: mid 2017

2017 BMW i8 redesign

2017 BMW i8, and presumably the novelty will receive this name, will be very noticeably different from the usual “eight”. The car will be equipped with more powerful petrol engine, which in combination with extended electric “muscle” should have a dramatic impact on the character of the car. And not only. Dynamics of the updated BMW i8, when compared with conventional i8, is also markedly improved. Up to a hundred miles per hour German supercar will accelerate in just 3.5 seconds and its top speed will be electronically limited to traditional fast German cars around 250 kilometers per hour.

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2017 BMW i8 interior increase

Work engineers at BMW and other components that affect handling and vehicle dynamics. The BMW i8 in comparison with the original model should be tougher. It is also possible that the supercar will lose though not the most spacious, but still not the extra rear seats. To refuse them in order to increase Luggage capacity, and simultaneously to reduce weight of the vehicle.

2017 BMW i8 video review

2017 BMW i8S

However, detailed information concerning the technical component of the new BMW i8S, has been kept secret. And it gives every reason to believe that the engineers at BMW have still not decided on few points. Even at the expense of the power plant consensus yet. Part of the automotive experts believe that car will set the two-liter petrol engine capacity of 320 horsepower, which will be paired with an electric motor, whose power should be 204 “horses”. Others claim that the BMW i8S will get noticeably weaker the motor the capacity of which will amount to only 109 horsepower. Petrol engine will have a capacity of 3 liters and developing 480 horsepower. So while one hundred percent accurate, you can only say what the total return of the powertrain BMW i8S in any case will exceed 500 horsepower.

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2017 BMW i8 pictures

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Exclusive hybrid supercar from BMW will get a new updated version under the working name of i8S which will get upgraded powertrain

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