2017 BMW M2 – the charged Bavarian “baby”


The resulting delay in the evolution of cars from the West German concern BMW finally interrupted. To the public it was formally presented sample coupe BMW M2 2017 model year. Premiere auto scheduled on the days of the Detroit auto show 2017, while European motorists will be able to appreciate the novelty only in Geneva.

2017 BMW M2 redesign

2017 BMW M2 concept

“Charged” BMW M2 is positioned, the main successor to other popular models – BMW M3, which is produced in the body “E30”. The underlying basis of the serial car became “2-Series”, made in the form factor of the coupe. Just say, cars have significant differences, manifested in everything, starting from exterior trim to technical performance.

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2017 BMW M2 exterior

2017 BMW M2 video review

BMW M2 2017 gained a huge bumper that adds aggressive model of solidity, as well as the large air vents, set in recesses with moulded surround, and a pair of side “skirts”, emphasizing the completeness of the sports. The presence of a small spoiler located on the boot lid guarantees superior driving dynamics, which contributes to the massive aft bumper with cuts on the center diffuser. The attribute that hints at a definite “charge”, can be called and posted on the edges of the dual pipe exhaust system, a gleaming bright chrome finish.

General body shape of the updated BMW M2 has retained the classic proportions. The passenger part of the car is characterized by the displacement of the back that visually lengthens front third. Examining the profile of the car, and attract the attention of an increased arched openings, in which there was a place forged aluminum rims, put in sports tires Michelin.

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2017 BMW M2 dimensions

2017 BMW M2 specs

BMW M2 Coupe has larger dimensions. In addition to increased to 4468 mm length, grown to 1854 millimeters width. The dimension of the wheelbase has increased by 3 millimeters (2693 mm), and front and rear tracks widened by 64 and 71 mm.

Overall, the appearance of the car continues the design ideas that was set up by the manufacturer in previous versions of the model. Some update of the machine harmoniously blended into the usual for most motorists and distorted the primary ideas of the Bavarian engineers.

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2017 BMW M2 interior

2017 BMW M2 redesign

Inside the new items the combination of features characteristic for cars of business class, and solutions often found in sports models. To those include, for example, high-end finish materials. Inside you can meet the expensive leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber. The plastic parts are “diluted” with metal parts, of course, laced with bright chrome plated. Let us not forget to mention the extensive use of carbon fiber, constituting a significant part of interior decoration. Seats “Dakota” may not have been the characteristic form of “buckets”, but got a great shape, contributing not only comfortable fit, but with much improved safety performance.

The lack of free space, characteristic for many cars of a “coupe” class, is not felt in updated “M2”. Inside is enough space not only for the front members of the crew and passengers, located on the “gallery”. Their comfortable fit and contribute to a wide door leaves increased in size.

2017 BMW M2 equipment

2017 BMW M2 price

On charged BMW M2 2017 front panel are  familiar analog dials, complementary large projection display, automatically going to the top of the console. As standard the BMW M2 2017 year also included a multimedia system with navigation and component Hi-Fi audio package, dual-zone climate system, electronic adjustable seats, anti-lock braking system supplemented by a system of exchange rate stabilization and other electronic assistants, including the ability to lock rear differential with a variable extent from 0 to 100%, and much more.

2017 BMW M2 Technical specs

2017 BMW M2 interior

BMW M2 2017 model year, of course, are one of the most interesting aspects of the car. The car is equipped with front “McPherson” scheme suspension and five-arm rear axle. For the operation of 380-millimeter brake mechanisms of the front wheels meet four pistons. The rear pair is equipped with a double piston system with 370-millimeter discs. Despite the availability of lightweight aluminum platform, the car gained slightly in weight. Depending on the type of transmission the car weighs 1565 or 1590 kilograms.

2017 BMW M2 engine

2017 BMW M2 engine specs

Under the hood, the model hides a 3-liter gasoline turbo engine “M-TwinPower Turbo”, with a partial unification of power systems installed on the model “M3” and “M4”. In particular, they had borrowed a reinforced piston area, indigenous sacks and pump. Unit with six cylinders capable of producing 370 HP, with peak torque of 465 N*m. Additional “Overboost” function contributes to a short-term increase engine thrust to 500 N*m.

Paired with the engine installed 6-speed manual or 7-band “robot” “M-DCT”. Acceleration to 60 mph the car carries a 4.5 and 4.2 seconds respectively. The maximum speed of the model is electronically limited to around 160 mph. the option package “M Driver’s” increases the allowable limit of acceleration to 170 mph. Ease of BMW M2 driving facilitates dual-mode steering (Comfort and Sport), as well as three presets robotic boxes (“Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport+”).

2017 BMW M2 release date and pricing

2017 BMW M2 spy shots

In sale the updated BMW M2 will come no earlier than next spring.

Release date: spring 2017

About the price level of the car manufacturer has not yet reported. The main class “charged Bavarian” rival should be the Audi TT RS, the appearance of which is expected in the first months of 2016.

2017 BMW M2 video review


2017 BMW M2 pictures

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