M5 Will Get Over 600 HP And Lose Some Weight


German automaker from Bavaria in the late 70’s – early 80’s ordered the division of Motorsport to finish the 5th series. Actually, that’s why the name of the car model before the figure flaunts the letter M. Also it should be noted that over time the unit itself changed its name from Motorsport to a shorter one.

Before 1985, when the first version of the M5 came out, the Germans developed several prototypes of the car. Combining all the best that was in them, they were able to produce a sports sedan, which gained a special popularity among fans around the world.

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A New Nose

Today, the BMW M5, which is being renewed in the next 2017 by many fans, is sold around the globe in large batches. For the long history the car has gone through six generations, and, similar, in the near future the seventh waits. And it seems that it will become the “worst” of all previously submitted.

Appearance of the new “five”, as insiders were able to learn, largely due to the revised chassis, the name of which – CLAR.

The front bumper has changed, and this is already practically confirmed information. There were many rumors about whether it was true that this detail had undergone certain changes, while some journalists, who wanted to remain anonymous sources, eventually confirmed them.

Of course, if the exterior of the bumper changes, in this case an order is given to change the appearance of the grille. So here: the grille has become more expressive.

We will have to specify its enlarged dimensions, but the photos show that the air intakes have become more massive, unlike the previous version of its design.

As a 5-series

With these changes, BMW, of course, will not be able to compete in the market with identical cars from other manufacturers, so let’s consider, perhaps, the interior is able to catch the driver’s attention.

So, the driver will be offered a multimedia system and a dashboard with the maximum possible set of functions. They say that the seats on the front row will acquire regulators of the position of the body. Seats from the back, referring to the information of insiders, will not get such an opportunity. However, before the presentation, everything can change.

The interior of the car, the one that was illuminated not in test races, was made in the same color solutions and with the use of similar materials used to create the current generation.

Whole Lot of a Power

Perhaps the sport sedan BMW M5 has become better in the context of performance? And it is true, here, that do not say, it does not take away what is. Perhaps the weight loss of 220 lbs gave such results, or the engineers actually poured over the stuffing, but at the output we got almost 630 horsepower!

Now let’s talk about one more feature of the novelty: acceleration to sixty an updated sedan takes for some 4 seconds, or less.

The maximum speed is limited to 155 mph, but it is said that without restriction the M5 can accelerate to 200 miles per hour.

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Legendary 5-series sedan from BMW M division will keep all unique features for M5 including rear-wheel drive and powerful V8 engine, which is more likely to get twin turbo.

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