2017 BMW M7: a sedan with supercar dynamics


2017 BMW M7 –6th generation sedan from the Bavarians. The official demonstration of 2017 BMW 7 in a new body took place in June, and its world début took place in autumn on a home for company Frankfurt auto show. As earlier, the new 7-series BMW 2017 is available with a regular and prolonged wheelbase. The exterior of the sedan has been derestricted afore community show thanks to spy shots and the frequent leaks.

2017 BMW M7 redesign

2017 BMW M7 spy shots

Externally charged “seven” BMW in 2017 M7 differs in renewed bumpers, dual exhaust and 20-inch wheels in special design with “duct tape” in tires of dimension 245/40 front and 275/35 rear.

Outside 2017 BMW M7 has received a design evolution with almost the same profile, but with a completely new front optics, made in the manner of BMW X5. The headlights, which surcharge may be wholly laser, nearby to an enlarged “nose” corporate grille.

2017 BMW M7 dimensions

2017 BMW M7 specs

2017 BMW M7 is built on a new modular platform that will underpin several models of the younger series.

Overall length standard BMW 7-series G11 is 5 098 mm, width 1 902, height – 1 478. Front and rear tracks widened by 7 and 4 mm, respectively.

G12 long wheelbase version of BMW’s 7 in a new body stretched to 5 238 mm (+ 139 mm for the basic version), and the wheelbase of these sedans is $ 3 070 3 and 210 and the index, compared with its predecessor, has not changed.

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2017 BMW M7 specs

2017 BMW M7 video review

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The base power plant for the sedan was the new 2.0-L turboengine family B48 power of 258HP and 400 Nm (730i) – this version will be sold only in China and Turkey (dispersal to hundred in 6.2 seconds.), and based on the 740i version row “6” in volume 3.0L, outstanding 326HP.

Under the hood of 2017 BMW M7 is the 4.4-litre V8 engine, emerging 450HP. That before the diesel, it has been declared only the 730d version with a 3-liter power unit, the return of which improved from 258 to 265HP (620 N*m). With the sedan gaining hundreds of places at 5.8 sec.

2017 BMW M7 M driver’s package

2017 BMW M7 release date

M driver’s package is optional. 600HP, 12-cylinder, 6.6-liter and 3.9 seconds to sixty! Makes sense except to mention the top speed is 305 kilometers per hour with optional (defaults to 250 km/h).

Note also that M-man Deluxe sedan received four-wheel drive. And for the first time in the history of the BMW 7, when 12-cylinder engine in combination with four-wheel drive.

The default air suspension, adaptive damping with adjustable dynamic stiffness and active stabilizer bars. Plus — anti-roll body.

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2017 BMW M7 release date

2017 BMW M7 facelift

The model promised to put on sale in the third quarter of 2016, and a top grade will appear at the end of the year.

Release date: 3rd quarter 2016

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2017 BMW M7 video review


2017 BMW M7 pictures





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