2017 BMW X3 Get New Platform and Features


The ‘crossover’ vehicle is gaining popularity year on year; back in 2010, BMW sold just 46,000 models of the X3, in 2013, that figure had risen to nearly 160,000. It seems this is the reasoning behind BMW introducing a new X3, but more than that, they have been releasing teasers of it for quite some time, ensuring the new model is as widely anticipated as possible.

Sources say the new model code will be ‘G01’, and that it is already on test in Northern Europe. As far as we know, the new 2017 BMW X3 will be released for sale around the middle part of next year. No prices have yet been confirmed, but we think that the base model will fit into the current pricing models, this means that it should be around the $40,000 figure.

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Cooler Styling

Despite being camouflaged, the spy-shots can give us an understanding of the overall shape and style of the new model. Renderings that have been released show that the new X3 will share styling cues with the X6 F16 and the X5 F15; large side body, leading to the hood and grille where the restyled LED headlamps sit. We also now that the tail-lamps are now LED and that the luggage space has a redesigned door for better access.

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Improved Interior

Sources say that this next-gen X3 will get a significantly improved interior along with upgraded tech and finishing materials. We think that BMW will fit adaptive headlamps and there may be a semi-autonomous driving mode. This model will also have an auto tailgate, operated by gestures, customizable rear seating and a panoramic roof. Rumors also say that interior space will be increased and that the overall weight of the vehicle will drop by about 220 lbs.

New Platform

The new X3 is based upon the modular ‘CLAR’ platform. Thanks mainly to this, the weight has been significantly reduced, despite the overall dimensions of the vehicle increasing. We think there will be new engines, both 4 and 6-cylinder variants, available as either gas or diesel. BMW have ruled out any 3-cylinder variations for the crossover, but the new engines should see an increase in power and economy over the older model.

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In addition to the new motors, BMW will be introducing a hybrid version; 2.0 liter gas engine producing 245 BHP, coupled up to an electric motor adding a further 95 BHP. The total package will produce over 300 BHP and around 516 lb/ft of torque. The stock battery will power the vehicle for approximately 30 miles and can be recharged from the mains or wirelessly, as seen on the Mercedes S-Class.

There is also talk of BMW producing some high performance versions of the X3.
The X3 M40i (360 BHP) and the X3 M (twin turbo, 422 BHP). We think the M version will appear approximately one year after first launch, so sometime in 2018. We also expect to see the new X4 in 2018 also, possibly designated the G02, built upon the same platform.

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New SUV from BMW will get new engines and some other minor improvements for 2017 model year.

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