2017 BMW X5 slightly updated: changes and pricing


BMW received a huge boost when they first launched the X5, and while the model has had revisions and upgrades since the first model, it is as popular today as it was when first introduced, mainly thanks to the combination of looks, style, performance and equipment. Even now, the BMW X5 is on the list of most desirable vehicles.

2017 BMW X5 release date

We believe that the new 2017 version will debut in the early part of 2017.

Release date: 2017

2017 BMW X5 exterior

The front end of the car is recognizably BMW; compact headlights with ‘angel eyes’ (a ring of LED’s) surrounding the light, and the radiator grille is un-mistakably BMW. There is plenty of chrome trim and the front fender is almost aerodynamic, overall, the image is sporty and bold.

Side view opens eyes on the magnificent forges, colorful and charismatic ribs. Due to the large wheel arches, you can easily put the BMW X5 2015-2016 on solid wheels 20-22 inches. However, only the manufacturer offers a wide range of drives to 18-20 inches. Unfortunately, the cost is quite impressive. On the contour of the whole body is complemented by plastic covers, which successfully protect exactly what needs to be protected.

The side view of the vehicle is just as impressive, it retains a purposeful look, which is enhanced by the large wheel arches which could easily accommodate a 22” rim, although BMW only offer up to a 20” rim (and they are expensive!).

There are plenty of plastic protection strips across the vehicle, meaning that the parts that need protecting are just that – well protected.

Surprisingly, the rear of the X5 is very similar to that of the smaller version, the X3; tailgate, screen and fender all have the family resemblance, as does the sporty exhaust and rear light clusters.
The overall look is one of sporty aggressiveness.

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2017 BMW X5 price

Prices are expected to remain constant, with the base model coming in at around the $56,000 mark.

2017 BMW X5 dimensions

Length – 4886 mm, Width – 1938 mm, Height – 1762 mm, Wheelbase – 2933 mm, Ground Clearance – 222 mm (195 mm).

2017 BMW X5 interior

Inside the cabin, you’ll find the same usual BMW interior, distinctly recognizable and well-equipped.
Both front seats are comfortable, and almost infinitely adjustable, meaning that whatever your body shape, you won’t be left in agony as the end of a long trip.
The door cards have also been designed to carry large drinks, a 50-ounce cup is no problem.

In the back, we find space that will comfortably seat three adults, the rear seats are also moveable by as much as 3”, and the backs of the seats can also be moved by around 10o; all this goes to make the rear of the X5 almost as comfortable as the front.
There is an option for a third row of seating, but that really is only suitable for small children, and even then, maybe not for extended journeys.

With the rear seats in their standard position, the trunk has a capacity of 650 liters, but once the rear seats are moved and folded flat, you can squeeze a whopping 1870 liters of space from the X5. This is an increase of 30 and 120 liters over the older model.

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2017 BMW X5 video

2017 BMW X5 equipment

BMW always delivers good equipment specifications, even in the base model, you’ll find: Multifunction steering wheel, 10.2” touchscreen media system, navigation, rear camera, powered seats, dual-zone climate, Park Assist, HUD display and an excellent sound system with 16 different speakers.

2017 BMW X5 specs

All civil BMW X5 vehicles will be equipped with basic energy recovery systems during braking and start-stop systems. As for the engines, there is the Bavarian automaker offers a pretty good selection of diesel and petrol powertrains.

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All the regular X5 vehicles will be equipped with an energy recovery system and start / stop technology for when in traffic. As for engines, BMW do some very impressive diesel power-plants and have been making reliable, high power output gas engines since the dawn of time.

The xDrive 3.0D makes around 258 BHP and 415 lb/ft of torque, the xDrive M5.0D hits an impressive 381 BHP and 545 lb/ft of torque, and being diesel, fuel economy is good.

Gas engines come in a variety of cylinders and BHP, but we have options that will see 306 BHP, 450 BHP and for those that really want something with a little more go, 575 BHP.

2017 BMW X5 images

2017 BMW X5 xDrive35i
Engine type DOHC 24V I6, direct fuel injection, turbocharged
Displacement 3,0L
Power/torque 300 hp; 300 lb-ft
Transmission 8-speed shiftable automatic
Wheelbase 115.5 in
Length 192.4 in
Height 69.4 in
Passenger volume N/A
Cargo volume N/A
0-60 5.8 sec
Top speed N/A
PRICE RANGE: $56,000 – $73,000 (est)
Competitors: Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz GLE

  • Spock

    It needs another inch or two in the wheelbase. Make the X5 lighter as BMW promised us years ago before this model came out. It’s too heavy. Why can’t they bring the X50d to the US? The EPA has become a weapon for enviro Nazis. We won’t see all these great diesels from Europe until we cut the funding from that leviathan arm of gov.

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Mid-size BMW SUV recently underwent a minor update and now could offer one of the most advanced sport utility vehicle.

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