BMW Z4 Still On Production and Waiting For Serious Update


This year at the international motor show in Detroit was officially introduced the updated Z4 from BMW. An improved version of the roadster was liked by many motorists.

Light and Stylish

After the restyling of the BMW Z4 got an excellent appearance. The car looks dynamic and sporty due to an updated radiator grille, which is made in the form of branded nostrils, as well as miniature headlights that look very strong. Other features of the car retained the aggression inherent in the Bmw Z4 E85.

The overall picture of the BMW Z4 perfectly complements the front bumper, which acquired three stylish sections of the air intake.

The hood of Z4 received a number of straight ribs, which are visible in the photo and provide aerodynamic properties of the machine, as well as visually impart strength and power.

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Profile BMW Z4 is made in the usual forms used back in 2006, which can be traced through the photo: an elongated hood, a dedicated line of punching, graceful bends of ribs on the body cover, a miniature bottom.

No less enthusiasm is caused by the large wheel arches, in which impressive wheels with stylish discs can be seen. In the rear the BMW Z4 is no less beautiful and neat. You can note a small luggage compartment lid, rear lights that are made in the form of eyes, as well as an impressive rear bumper with a neat exhaust.

Strict Interior

want to note the expensive and high-quality finish. Each element is an integral part of the car. First consider the central panel BMW Z4. The overall screen is huge, and on its top rises the display of the multimedia system.

A little lower are neat deflectors, under which there is a decorative insert with a list of sensors. Elements for controlling the BMW Z4 are minimized, which makes it easy to manage the functional set. The dashboard is made in a strict sports style, typical for the most BMW cars.

The steering wheel with three spokes emphasizes the impetuous tuning of the machine. The comfort of the driver is provided by the sports seats with a wide variety of installations. The arm is very comfortable to place on the new armrest.

The Speedy One

Under the hood of the Bavarian model hides two- and three-liter engines, and a 2.5-liter motor that feeds on gasoline fuel.

The first are equipped with a manual box with six gears or an eight-speed automatic transmission, while a three-liter unit and a 2.5-liter version instead of a manual use a preselective (robotic) gearbox with seven speeds. The driving wheels are the rear one.
▪ Power units 2.0 liters with turbo charging system. Develop 184 or 245 HP.
▪ Three-liter engines (turbo). The power is 306 or 340 “horses”.
  • Roger

    why would BMW team with Toyota? They can’t hold a candle to years of German engineering and unique design! I’m saddened and would be upgrading my 2012 Z4 next year, I’ll probably look to another German roadster!


Editor's rating
4.7 overall
  • Safety4.8
  • Performance4.9
  • Design4.6
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.5

2017 BMW Z4 is not expected to subjected to major change, but it is more likely to get brand new engine and some changes in suspension

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