2017 Buick convertible – Buick Cascada 2017 – the first Buick brand convertible in 25 years in the U.S. market


Buick company introduced the American audience the new model Cascada convertible in the body, which is already well know European car enthusiasts as the brand Opel and the Vauxhall brand is sold in the UK. As stated by the company, the appearance of the car in the back of a convertible, this is a very important step in its development.

2017 Buick convertible review

2017 Buick convertible – Buick Cascada 2017 specs

Reported that under the hood of the car has a turbocharged petrol engine capacity of 1600 cm3, equipped with direct fuel injection. The engine produces 200-horse power (280 Newton-meter), it is possible to increase torque up to 300nm due to the Overboost function. The unit works in pair with a six-speed box-automatic.

2017 Buick convertible specs

2017 Buick convertible redesign

Convertible, among other things equipped with a HiPer Strut front suspension that was first used on models Regal and LaCrosse. Due to this, the car has handling along with a smooth ride at the highest level. Rear convertible equipped with pendant series Watts Z-link, which by its design provides quite spacious for a car with an open top, the Luggage compartment is equal to 380-litres (roof raised) and 280-litres (roof folded). The backs of the rear row of seats can be folded electrically, whereby it is possible to transport bulky cargo.

2017 Buick convertible redesign

2017 Buick convertible equipment

The soft roof of the 2017 Buick convertible Cascada on the photo, you can remove or lift up directly into speed, which should not exceed 50 km/h, this exercise takes only 17-seconds. Beauty meets entertainment system Buick IntelliLink series, equipped with touch screen diagonal of 7”, built-in OnStar 4G LTE module with an access point Wi-Fi. The front seats are moved forward due to the automation that ensures a comfortable fit passengers in the back, the straps safety are served by the special

Among 2017 Buick convertible additional equipment is necessary to mention the rear view camera, Parking radar, which will be triggered if the vehicle threatens to overturn.

2017 Buick convertible pictures

2017 Buick convertible release date

In the market model 2017 Buick convertible Cascada will appear in early 2016. According to the company, it will be the first convertible in 25 years under the Buick brand in the U.S. market.

Release date: early 2016

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2017 Buick convertible interior

2017 Buick convertible video review

2017 Buick convertible pictures

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