Buick Encore Has Been Updated Radically For 2017 Model Year


Manufacturer Buick officially presented its new modification of crossover Encore in the framework of the New York Motor Show, which sales will begin in the coming autumn. It is necessary to say that this model, at the moment is the most in demand in the automotive market of the United States, because of this, the modernization of Encore came very seriously. Engineers of the American engineering corporation have developed a novelty based on the conceptual model Avenir.

As a result, the car acquired a completely different face area with advanced lighting technology and a “winged” radiator grille, which became the embodiment of the concept Avenir.

New Buick Style

It is obvious that the American novelty follows in the footsteps of the new model Mokka, which was presented by the Opel manufacturer within the framework of the Geneva auto show quite recently. Of course, Encore is notable for its individual design decisions that were made on the basis of the company’s past creations, but similarities with a German colleague are very noticeable. The new version has an improved appearance with an even more pronounced feature of premium.

For example, rearview mirrors, front and rear optics were modified, beautiful nozzles covered with chrome appeared on the exhaust system nozzles. For the version 2017 of the model year, new wheel disks will be offered, and new colors will be added to the color palette of the body color. The front and rear body kit has also been modified during the restyling process, now they look more modern and perfectly in harmony with all the other body elements.

New Interior Dashboard

The interior of the model has also been changed for the better. The developers have equipped the updated model with a completely different instrument panel, and a modernized console. Once inside, the eye immediately falls on the new multimedia complex IntelliLink, which boasts the presence of 4G network, AppleCarPlay and Android Auto. A lot of work was done to improve the entire electronics of the interior.

In the interior trim used materials of higher quality, compared with the previous version of the car. The materials have contractual decorative stitching, and all over the salon there are attractive metal inserts. In the interior of the novelty is also much similar with the decoration of the renovated Mokka. Designers still decided to remove the multimedia display sticking out from above, which the owners of the previous version of the model did not like.

Separately, I want to say about the comfortable front seats. Thanks to a large number of adjustments and reliable lateral support, the driver will feel comfortable even going on the farthest routes.

Small and Turbocharged

In the boot space of the Buick Encore 2017 model year is a 1.4-liter turbocharged power unit that will deliver 138 hp. Of the maximum power. As an option, the buyer can choose a 1.4-liter turbo engine, but already generating 153 hp of power.

Most of the modifications have a start / stop system, ten airbags and a stability control function, keyless access to the inside of the car, an emergency braking function and much more. In tandem with power units, the stepped gearbox will automatically operate. Depending on the preferences of the customer, the car will be equipped with a front-wheel drive system or a drive for all four wheels.

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