Buick Envision Will Be The Medium Range Premium SUV


American fans of modern premium products could personally consider the previously announced crossover by General Motors – Buick Envision, and sit in his salon, thanks to the Detroit Auto Show. True, not many of them were pleased with the fact that the company transferred its production facilities to the territory of China.

Chinese Assembly

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that hard-working Chinese try to assemble the model as high as possible, so the chances of failing a new crossover on the American market are negligible.

One way or another we all know the fact that almost all the electronics, including premium brands, are assembled in China, so, in all likelihood, most American consumers do not care about the origin of the object, most importantly, it is its quality.

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As for the new Envision, then the quality of the assembly in this case adds roominess of the cabin, but it did not disappoint.

Logically, the price for Buick Envision should be around 30-34 thousand dollars, that is, higher than for Encore at 24 thousand dollars, and below the flagship Enclave for 40 thousand US dollars.

Engine Choices and Features

The manufacturer of the novelty will not offer its customers a special choice of engines, it is known that the crossover will be equipped with only a four-cylinder turbocharged power unit, produicing power of 255 hp (260 ft lb), combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The drive layout can be rear, or Twin Clutch AWD.

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Nevertheless, many experts have already named the new Buick Envision a kind of nugget in the class of crossovers belonging to the premium class, because of the fact that the car uses a unique system of its own “HiPer Strut”.

From the chips of the novelty you can note an interesting grille, which has curtains, automatically closing when a certain speed is reached for better aerodynamics, and the fiction of recognizing road signs.

Premium Interior

The Buick Envision interior pleased the functional multimedia system with a eight-inch LED display, as well as modern network options, in particular, the presence of Bluetooth, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi.

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The system has several USB-3.0 ports, four 12-volt sockets, and a 120-volt socket. In other words, the lucky owner of the new Envision can not buy additional adapters to recharge and work their gadgets.

For an extra charge, the front seats are ventilated, a panoramic sunroof and the electric trunk lid with a non-contact opening function. As competitors of the car, the manufacturer calls Audi Q5, Acura RDX and Lincoln MKC.

Editor's rating
4.5 overall
  • Safety4.5
  • Performance4.4
  • Design4.5
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.5

One more compact crossover for Buick aimed at Asian market, could offer possible buyers unique luxurious interior, compact size and small but powerful engine.

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