Buick Riviera Concept Is A Hybrid Powered Beauty


Buick brand showed to public renewed design finds with a concept called the Buick Riviera, which premiered in Shanghai. This concept has shown not only renewed design elements, but a new hybrid installation.

2017 Buick Riviera


Novelty was shown back in 2013, in Shanghai. Since then, information about it is not much increased, the same picture are traveling over the network from one site to another. But now, finally, there is information that the model is appropriate to the stage tests through a test mule, which means you can expect that we will see it someday.

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Streamlined Design

New Buick coupe prototype with the familiar name (Buick Riviera was produced until 1999) was created General Motors together with Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. As explained by the idea designers, the sports car look is inspired by the flows of water. This is particularly noticeable on the grille, which resembles a water falls. This renewed grille and main optics in the near future should be part of all designs of the Buick brand.

Buick Riviera coupe has a lower drag coefficient – angled windshield, sloping roof and active aerodynamic elements. Doors in the style of “gull” hide futuristic elegant and sophisticated interior in the colors of black wood, white leather and aluminum.

2017 Buick Riviera redesign

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Complicated Hybrid System

2017 Buick Riviera Concept received hybrid dual-mode propulsion system of the W-PHEV with a wireless charging system batteries. However, from the more familiar charging cable did not give up. The car has a pneumatic electromagnetic suspension and steering ensures the rotation of all four wheels.

2017 Buick Riviera concept

Luxurious Interior

The Buick Riviera concept has received quite a luxurious interior, which is finished with black wood and aluminum. It got a multimedia infosystem, which constantly informs about the traffics and weather. Also, the car received an active safety system receiving data from 18 sensors and 10 cameras. The power unit allows the movement in hybrid and full-electric mode. The batteries are charged through a conventional wire or via wireless charging. 2017 Buick Riviera features a new intelligent all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension.

2017 Buick Riviera interior

2017 Buick Riviera interior design

Hi-Tech Security

No high-tech concept is without modern communication technologies. 2017 Buick Riviera uses 4G LTE high-speed network for info about weather, traffic, entertainment functions and exchange data with other cars. The system understands voice commands and recognizes gestures.

2017 Buick Riviera exterior

The 2017 Buick Riviera concept security includes 18 precision sensors and 10 high-resolution cameras for remote road watching. Data from them is summarized and displayed directly to windshield in a hologram mode. The coupe also has a night vision, cruise control and “transparent” a-pillars.

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New 2017 Buick Riviera

Selling Plans

GM and PATAC are planning to export created in China cars to the US. The American concern plans to increase by half the number of Chinese dealers and exports to increase to 130 thousand cars a year.

Buick Riviera 2017

Although the manufacturer has not yet identified the price range for new items, you can expect that the price of the novelty will be about $35-40 thousand.

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The possible gran touring coupe from Buick to resurrect legendary Riviera brand. We will see if it's possible pretty soon.

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