Cadillac CT2 Rumors – Is It A Smaller Cadillac Coupe?


I’ve always imagined it: the Nevada desert, ahead of Las Vegas, cacti around, and right on the туче seat leggy girl in denim shorts, who is not so easy to reach.

Dusty bumpy road the snake stretches to meet the setting somewhere in the Pacific ocean the sun, but my heavy Cadillac swallows local road irregularities with equanimity of marine yacht…

Dreams Come True

2017 Cadillac CT2 spy shots

Ba-boom! It’s at the speed of 15 miles an hour, I passed the “bumps”. In general, on smooth roads the suspension of compact coupe, the 2017 Cadillac CT2 behaves very rigidly. Smoothness? No, never heard. Spacious interior? To it this Cadillac as far as to Nevada. I’m driving the car, which GM bosses tipped competitors to the BMW “Three “. Was there a girl in denim shorts, I wouldn’t have avoided touching: the front of the cabin smaller than other Golf-class hatchbacks.

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Coupe Body

The new Cadillac CT2 of 2017-year production will be in the coupe body. The car will feature more lightweight body, its agility and attractiveness of both outside and inside compared with competitors such as the BMW 428i. Car is positioned as the first class luxury coupe, which has a weight balance 50/50 and lower gravity center. The car for the first time presented in 2014 at the Detroit motor Show.

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Efficient Power

2017 Cadillac Ct2 Sedan New

The power train is available in two versions, turbo 2.0liter 4-cyl or a 3.6L six-cylinder. Both trains feature fuel direct injection and dual overhead camshafts with unceasingly flexible valve timing, which aid optimizing power and efficiency, while also reducing emissions.

  • 2.0liter row 4 engine is rated at 272HP, 203kW, 400 N*m, 5500 Rev/min.
  • The V6 engine power capacity of 3.6l ― 321HP 239kW and 373 N*m at 6800 rpm.

The Drive is an optional rear or full wheel drive. Transmission choices ― 6-speed manual or 6-band automatic.

When Could It Possibly Came Out?

2017 Cadillac CT2 facelift

Full production ready to buy car will appear in the summer of 2017. The price of the 2017 Cadillac CT2 starting at $37 995 to $58 775. This is 2900 dollars more than the Cadillac ATS sedan with the similar 2-liter engine.

Release date: summer 2017

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