The Successful Future Of Cadillac CT6


Cadillac CT6 was introduced in March last year and has already won the hearts of Americans. What is so special about it?

Executive Style

CT6 is the representative of the absolutely new model range of Cadillac, in the development of which the company invested more than 12 billion dollars.

The body of the sedan is made using the most advanced technologies: it is based on an aluminum construction, which also uses 11 different materials.

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The CT6 is one of the lightest and well-controlled full-size executive sedans in the world. In size and space in the cabin, it is not inferior to the short-wheelbase version of the BMW 7-Series. However, in terms of mass, controllability and fuel efficiency, the car is comparable to the smaller Cadillac CTS, which is lighter than the BMW 5 Series. The weight of the CT6 is less than that of the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The sedan CT6 stands out against the backdrop of other cars thanks to its bright appearance with a dominant long hood and a dynamic roof line. The new car embodies, as noted above, the evolution of the model line of the brand.

Front end of Cadillac evolves with the CT6 sedan, which features a new design of the radiator grille and light fixtures. For example, vertical LED “blades” of daytime running lights framing the front of the body are combined with LED headlights with Indirect Fire technology.

The Highest Quality Interior

In the interior of CT6, proportions, quality of performance and technology also take an important place. Designers Cadillac tried to give the interior a bright and elegant look, without forgetting about the space.
Comfortable front seats look very dignified, and as an option to them, you can order Opus leather trim, five massage programs, rear seats with adjustable backrest and seat-mounted heating elements.

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A special package called Articulating Rear Seat for the rear seats offers passengers a new level of comfort and luxury. It includes adjusting the position of the rear seat horizontally (free stroke is 3.2″), adjusting the lumbar support, the function of the cushion of the seat, massage function, heating and cooling function, and an armrest with controls for the multimedia system, including HDMI and USB connectors.

Your Own Climate and Music

It is worth noting that the infotainment system for passengers in the rear seats is equipped with 10-inch displays that are retracted into the backs of the front seats, and allows you to connect portable digital devices.

Four-zone climate control system with ionization and air purification function allows all passengers to choose the appropriate temperature and blowing intensity.

The newest Cadillac is equipped with a Bose Panaray audio system with 34 speakers. For the first time in the automotive industry, Bose elements found to be used for home and professional use.

Technologically Advanced

For the CT6 sedan, the rear-wheel steering system is available, working together with the Active Chassis System chassis, which provides excellent maneuverability at low speeds and the stability of the car at high speeds. With it, the turning diameter of the sedan CT6 with a wheelbase of 122″ is only 37 ft. For comparison: the same result shows the model CTS, the wheelbase is almost 7.8″ shorter.

The intelligent all-wheel drive system is included in the basic equipment of all CT6 with 6-cylinder engines. The choice of transmission modes Tour, Snow/Ice and Sport) allows the driver to adapt the CT6 for virtually any weather and road conditions.

The top version of the Cadillac CT6 is equipped with a 3-liter turbocharged unit with an output of 400 hp.
The average modification of the CT6 is equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, the power of which is 335 hp. This power unit is equipped with systems of partial disconnection of the cylinders (Active Fuel Management) and engine shutdown for the time of short stops “Start-Stop”.
For the simplest version of the novelty, Cadillac offers a 2-liter “heart” with 4 cylinders with a power of 265 hp.
All engines are working with the 8-speed automatic hydraulic transmission Hydra-Matic 8L45 with paddle shifters.

Cadillac CT6 will also be available with a hybrid powerplant with the ability to recharge from the mains and three modes of operation:

– Normal mode: designed for everyday trips. This is the perfect balance between comfort and maximum engine performance and fuel economy.

– Sport mode: with a more aggressive driving style for a better perception of the route, the mode increases the car’s reaction to the pedal pressing and increases the steering return

– Hold mode: allows the driver to choose when using the hybrid CT6 engine, while retaining the remaining battery charge for later use. This feature improves fuel economy, as it allows drivers to save battery power in an urban environment, where the hybrid CT6 works as efficiently as possible.
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