Second Generation Of Cadillac ELR Is Questioned


Cadillac is not going to release a hybrid ELR coupe second generation in 2016. Apparently, due to weak demand for this vehicle and concentration of the auto giant General Motors (owner of the Cadillac brand) on the electric car Chevrolet Volt.

The Strategy Has Changed

2017 Cadillac ELR video review

“I will continue to admire the ELR, because this is one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels. But further investment in this model we do not plan”, — said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen in an interview.

ELR Debut

2017 Cadillac ELR spy shots

At the Detroit 2009 auto show, Cadillac unveiled a concept hybrid coupe, the Converj, which was supposed to go in the series, but the decision to launch the model in production was postponed several times. And four years later, in Detroit still debuted its production version called the ELR.

The debut of the Cadillac ELR took place in January 2013, while sales started at the end of the same year. Premium hybrid coupe that uses base and units of the Chevrolet Volt the first generation, at first it was equipped with a hybrid power plant with a capacity of 207 HP In 2015 is a modified two-door began to be sold in versions of 233-strong unit.

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2017 Cadillac ELR specs

It is noteworthy that the appearance of the Cadillac ELR 2017, compared with the concept four years ago, has not changed much. The car has the same silhouette, the same setting on the front wings and rear lighting (all led) as well as similar design of the side windows.

How Much Did It Cost

2017 Cadillac ELR price

In 2015, sales of the Cadillac ELR hardly exceeded 1 thousand compared to 15 thousand Chevrolet Volt sold. Weak demand largely due to high price tag at launch, the cost of the coupe was $75 thousand (almost twice more than the Volt), and in 2015 was reduced to $66 thousand. In 2017 price changes are not planned.


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2017 Cadillac ELR engine

According to Johan de Naison, Cadillac ELR first generation will remain on the market until this model will have the demand. In Automotive News suggest that the sale will continue until 2018, and Forbes reviewers believe that the car will disappear before 2019, if its implementation remains weak.
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