Trim levels with prices of the 2017 Cadillac Escalade


New Cadillac Escalade is still the leader of the GM luxury vehicles. Like any other Escalade this model has distinctive and recognizable features. Its bevel edges are still in the game. 2017 generation has quite a lot of trim levels which offer different options.

Base Trim

Since Cadillac Escalade is quite an expensive car, its base trim is $73,395. It’s a powerful variant with V8 engine of 6.2 litres which outputs 420 horsepower. This is RWD variant of 8 seats. Among the features you can find all types of airbags including dual ones. The vehicle also supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It has a slot for a memory card. There are keyless entry and illumination of thresholds. The upholstery includes leather materials. Traction and stability control is here. The navigation system recognizes voice control.

If you prefer AWD, you can buy Base AWD variant which includes the same options but costs $76,395.

SEE ALSOCaddy are planning on changing a tweaking the engine to give the Escalade 2018 more power

Luxury Trim

Luxury Escalade of this generation is $78,395 as RWD including the same V6 engine. It comes with an emergency braking system and high-low beam auto dimmer. Sunroof, wind detector and a head-up display are also available. Autonomous braking, sensor for blind spots and lane keeping assist are good for safety.

Luxury Trim of AWD type is also available for $81,395.

Premium Luxury Trim

This variant is available as RWD and AWD with the price of $82,895 and $85,895 respectively. Emergency braking system as well as adaptive cruise control are here to make your ride safer. You can use wireless headphones and your voice to control things. 9-inch video monitor supports Blu-Ray and DVD. Rear seats are power adjustable. Audible warning and vibrating driver seat will be good for your concentration in the long trips. This variant also has anti-tow sensors.

Platinum Trim

Once again this variant is available as RWD and AWD with the powerful V6 engine. This is the most expensive variant which costs $92,195 as RWD and $95,195 as AWD. Both of them are 8-seaters which have massage features. The centre console is made of wood while doors include chrome and premium carpets are used. Cruise control is adaptive like in previous trims, while storage is refrigerated. You can enjoy wireless and remote control gadgets. Display for Blu-Ray and DVD videos is onboard as well. You can also enjoy a sunroof which has anti-trapping features. The upholstery is made of leather. Glass breakage sensor along with interior motion sensor are available.
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