2017 Chevrolet El Camino: Legends Never Die


Legends never really do die, perhaps they just need a rest now and again. The iconic Chevy El Camino is to make a comeback if the rumors are to be believed. The new head of General Motors, Mary Barra goes on to say that the El Camino is a big part of Chevrolet’s history, going so far to say that the younger generation will be able to experience the same positive feelings that their parents once did.

The Epic Comeback

While rumors surround the El Camino, no actual date has yet been made public; some say that the rumors are just hype, that the El Camino won’t go into production, others say that the model will be released in 2017. We seriously hope that the rumors are true, that the El Camino is indeed to make a comeback.

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It is expected that the price for the base model will be around $20,000, and that the El Camino will hit the dealerships toward the end of 2016.

Release date: late 2017

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2017 Chevy El Camino Possible Engine Fitted

Power will come from either a 6.0 liter, V8 (360 BHP) or a 3.2 liter V6 producing 300 BHP, depending on the model.
There is no gas mileage statistics, but the company have said that we should expect a surprise.

2017 Chevy El Camino SS version

The new for 2017 El Camino will be badged as the SS version, it should differ significantly from the standard model; different front grille, enlarged air intakes and modified front and rear fenders. General Motors are hoping to capture the minds of the younger generation with the new El Camino; great power, good handling and styling to match – it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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El Camino Model History

Back in 2008 at the New York motor show, GM unveiled the Pontiac G8 ST, a sports pickup truck fitted with a 6.0 liter V8 (361 BHP) or 3.6 liter V6 (300 BHP), these were due for release in 2010.
However, in 2009, GM declared that they were to scrap the plans for assembly due to budget cuts and a company restructure.

In 2011, the GM management said that they were going to release a new El Camino, but not until 2015, even then, production had to be rescheduled to 2016 thanks to the economic downturn.

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Future El Camino might return to US market as facelifted GM's Australian muscle car pickup truck, with powerful V6 and V8 engines.

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