Chevrolet Express City Is A Workaholic Grown On a Japanese Food


When you first look at the brand new van 2017 Chevrolet City Express some readers thoughts from the category of “it reminds me something”.

One of the debutants of the past in February motor show in Chicago actually have half-brother Nissan NV200. On the technical side, the cars are identical. The novelty is intended for delivery services and small business owners.

2017 Chevrolet City Express

The Concept

Compared to full-size vans compact 2017 Chevy Express offers lower cost of ownership and improved agility that will be important in urban traffic. The car is quite roomy and well adapted for transporting a variety of goods.

2017 Chevrolet Express City redesign

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4 Cylinders Are Enough

The model is equipped with 4-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 2 liter with return of 131 HP and 188 Nm of torque. The engine is combined with CVT transmission, the transmitting traction on the front wheels. The fuel manufacturer has not released. Thanks to leaf-spring rear suspension load capacity Chevrolet City Express reaches 680 pounds. Among other specifications, is to provide an internal volume equal 3474 liters (almost 3.5 cubic meters).

2017 Chevrolet Express City concept


Rear door van Chevy open 180 degrees and are different sizes. The right and left side sliding door are provided that guarantees additional ease of loading. Internal length allows to carry 7 feet long items, however, if you fold the front passenger seat, it will fit and almost 11 feet long-length. There are six loop fasteners to the cargo and to the roof you can install the trunk. Internal width, measured between the arches of the rear wheels, is 1.37 meters.

2017 Chevrolet Express City engine

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Trim Levels and Equipment

New City Express from Chevrolet is offered in LS and LT trim levels. In the list of equipment provided side mirrors with electric adjustment and heated; cruise control; rear radar Parking multimedia system with 5.8-inch touch screen, USB, Bluetooth, navigation and 3-month trial subscription to satellite radio Sirius/XM; ABS, electronic stability control and six airbags. One of the main competitors of the new General Motors will be Ford Transit Connect new generation, presented last year.

2017 Chevrolet Express City review

Availability and Price

Updating and restyling the old version of the van is not expected until mid-2017 and is available for sale it will be only by the end of next year.

Release date: late 2017

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2017 Chevrolet Express City price

The price for the novelty will not change and will start from 21,450, like the previous model.
2017 Chevrolet Express City interior
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