New Cruze Hatchback Get New Sporty Look and Spacious Trunk


The recent debut of new Cruze wasn’t the final chapter for its story. Just like before, new 2017 Chevy Cruze hatchback has followed. Sporty design, thanks to updated rear end – spacious luggage department and… higher price with only one engine available. However, the overall positive feeling of the car hasn’t spoiled by these facts.

To begin with, the whole design and driving style will suit adult audience better. This is a spacious vehicle with a comfortable cabin which has enough space for passengers and a drive. Its five-door body looks sleek and smooth. The hatchback is going to be at a premium when compared to its sedan version. So we can compare this auto with Ford Focus or Mazda 3 at this point. It’s a big advantage that 2017 Chevy Cruze has extra storage which is a good decision.

Price Range

Some of Chevrolet fans find this new model to be slightly overpriced. It’s still a mistake to think so. In fact, new Cruze costs $22,190. It’s an initial price which may get higher a bit later. Nevertheless, considering the space offered and beautiful exterior the car is definitely worth of the money spent.

Turbocharged Engine

As for the engine, the basic unit which new Chevy will use is known as the 1.4-litre engine. This one includes four cylinders. It is turbo type of engine which is capable of producing up to 153 horsepower. This is the basic trim which is LT. It’s not that bad in fact. The vehicle is equipped with a six-speed transmission. There are options to choose from. You can purchase automatic or manual version. The hatchback is going to hit the market with independent rear suspension. So the model is still going to provide a good level of comfort along with a smooth driving process. Such a version of hatchback will cost you $1,495 that a standard manual sedan though while the most expensive variants will start at around $24,820.

As for the equipment, there is no news yet. Neither about standard nor about optional variants. It’s unlikely that both body styles will have much difference. The most significant characteristic of 2017 Cruze hatchback is its 18.5 cubic feet cargo space. It’s 3.7 cubic feet more when compared to sedan variant.
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