Whole New Generation of GM Hybrid Is 2017 Chevy Volt


In Detroit, the scale of the international motor show held a public presentation of a hybrid hatchback 2017 Chevy Volt 2, which by its own nature is now even closer to full electric vehicles.

According to the creators, they took note of all the complaints and requests of the owners of cars 1 generation, so this new product has a great chance of significant success.

Home sales Chevrolet Volt 2 will be in late 2016, with all of this letter of intent sales of new cars outside the US manufacturer has not yet said.

2017 Chevy Volt release date: late 2016

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2017 chevy volt release date

Unknown now and cost of the new Chevrolet Volt in 2017, it promised to announce closer to start of sales. According to preliminary data, the price of Chevrolet Volt 2nd generation in the US is about 40 thousand. Dollars.

Update: The car has already available for sale, with the starting price of $34,095.


Generational change presented hatchback 2017 Chevy Volt trendy and progressive look with streamlined silhouettes and athletic forward. Boca and hood news Chevrolet Volt acquired most aerodynamic stamps, tight head optics became even futuristic, in the same direction and transformed dimensions behind.

2017 chevy volt price

Another classic texture conceived for the Volt aerodynamic plate covering the grille. By the way, the car 2nd generation straight behind them are located energetic blinds podsoblyaet lower resistance to air-flow at high travel speeds.

If viewed in general, the design of a new model of Chevrolet Volt 2017 is much more interesting than its predecessor, and in this new intention resolutely stepped forward.

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Now 5 seats

In the wake of the exterior and interior of the car changed. The new machine has received a traditional salon with 5 seats, which is decorated in the style of the most dynamic in which there is virtually no corners, all components of the exterior styling have a rounded face and the panel in the center console Front and became much more ergonomic and more friendly to the driver.

2017 chevy volt interior

In addition to all this, the interior 2017 Chevy Volt 2nd generation gained good lighting, a leather steering wheel and airbag – 10. That left the old behind the wheel – so is the size of an independent space for luggage compartment, which can accommodate a maximum of 301 liters.


2nd generation hatchback Chevrolet Volt 2015-2016 increased:
length became – 4582 mm;
the size of the wheelbase has become with all this – 2694 mm;
wide car reached – 1809 mm;
in height – 1432 mm.
Revision of the configuration and administration of the greatest number of modern touches gave creators the opportunity to reduce the visible mass in the equipment, which was – 1607 kg, which is less than 114 kg than its predecessor.

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2017 chevy volt equipment

Better Equipped

List of precision equipment 2017 Chevrolet Volt has not yet been published, although some of the equipment included in basic equipment will have news: LED daytime running lights; Airbags – 10, with the knee for the driver and passenger to the front; power accessories; front seat heating; MyLink multimedia 8-inch. sensorekranom voice control and maintenance, and even the system and Apple CarPlay MirrorLink; equipment rearview camera and has a large range of electronic assistants.

In the settings there avtoparkovschik tracking system for moving the band, the system controlling the deaf zones and other progressive systems.

2017 chevy volt specs

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Same Concept

The 2017 Chevrolet Volt has changed the 2nd generation Voltec propulsion system, which consists of a gasoline internal combustion engine and two electric motors, one of which plays the role of a generator. Gasoline is used in a variety of modes of travel only to recharge the battery is in the proper resolution 4-cylinder with 1.5 liters .. The layout of the suspension with all this has not changed. brake mechanism has discs on all wheels, ventilated front and steering the new model is planned to add Electromechanics.

2017 chevy volt engine

The main drive motor, though new, but increasing the force has not received – 151 hp and its torque episode increased from 370 to 398 Nm. Regarding the motor generator, the opposite has decreased its power to 61 hp Feeding electric motors ensures brand new battery, created with LG Chem and more inherent full electric vehicles. Its lightweight decreased cell system (192 instead of 288), although all of this capacity increased from 17.1 to 18.4 kWh, which in combination with fresh powerplant allowed to increment the running stock cars to 80 km exclusively on only one electric or to 676 km with the engine in operation.

Absolute battery charging time – 4.5 hours. Cars can be accelerated for 8,5 seconds. On the scale of the transition to a modern development in 2017 Chevrolet Volt got tighter body with heavy frame, a high content of solid parts.

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