2017 Dodge 2500 RAM – 6.7L Turbodiesel


Ram 2500 Model appeared in the line of pickups from Dodge relatively recent. The car more like a truck than a pickup. It is not surprising, because engineers in the development of this model focused on the freight quality. As a result of 2500 lbs. of cargo that Dodge can easily transport in its body.

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM cab review

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM redesign

Not forgotten by designers and Ram branding. The model 2500 has a unique appearance and luxurious interior. Incredible size make this pickup a real giant compared to other cars.

Pickup is available in three body versions: Regular Cab, Mega Cab and Crew Cab. The first option involves a small cabin, which is designed for 2-3 people. The rest bodies are designed for 5-6 people.

The cabin is traditionally made in a modern Dodge RAM pickups style – brutal and bullish.

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2017 Dodge 2500 RAM specs

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2017 Dodge 2500 RAM equipment

The main feature of the model Ram 2500 is its safety. In the car employs as much as 45 systems that will ensure maximum safety for the driver, passengers and, of course, the car. Among the main means of ensuring safety front and side airbags, the system of stress distribution belt, new ABS system. In addition, there is a special system that enables to control the displacement of your trailer.

You can create your own unique pickup, choosing from several variants of body, engine, color, trim and drive.

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM review

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM engines

As mentioned above, the load capacity of the car is 2500 lbs., these figures provide a heavy duty and efficient engines. The client can choose one of two options: the well-known 5.7-liter HEMI (395 HP) and the diesel engine of 6.7 liters. Average fuel consumption 13-16 mpg.

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM facelift

The Dodge Ram pickups are using the legendary Cummins turbo diesels that are designed for the most demanding use. Up to model year 2008 inclusive was installed engine Cummins 5.9 L R6, 2009 R6 Cummins – 6.7 L. Cummins Inc. — one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines for trucks, buses, armored vehicles and self-propelled vessels. Be found almost everywhere. The headquarters is in Indiana, city of Columbus, and the production is there too.

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM engine

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM release date

Even though the manufacturer and doesn’t say a word about the release date for the next model, we can expect a update display in mid-2017. Another thing is that updating in outlook will be insignificant, and changes in power plants are not planned at all.

Release date: mid 2017

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2017 Dodge 2500 RAM redesign

2017 Dodge RAM 2500 price

As already mentioned, the changes will be purely cosmetic, price changes can not be afraid.

2017 Dodge 2500 RAM deisel engine


2017 Dodge 2500 RAM video review


2017 Dodge 2500 RAM pictures

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