Dodge Avenger 2017 Might Get Alfa Romeo Platform


Dodge Avenger, this is the perfect car for the most discerning owners appreciating an exciting performance combined with unbeatable comfort and modest fuel usage. Popular Sedan of the luxury class offers an extensive list of high-tech features and safety systems as standard.

But what for 2017 model year car? The Avenger has been discontinued since 2013, but lots of rumors and speculations moving around for a couple of years – indicating that FCA trying to find the path into mass-market segment, especially after the soon predicted cut-off of many true-American cars, like Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart.

What if those rumors are close enough to the reality and car producer really could roll out the new version of a popular sedan?

For Affordable Price


1. 2017 Dodge Avenger Price
2. Is Release Possible?
3. Design and Specifications
4. Old vs New
5. Trim Levels and Interior

The first aspect of the successful relaunch of the car is the pricing level. 2017 Dodge Avenger price should be no more than $30,000 in good trim or $24,000 MSRP for the basic trim level. Only then Dodge could compete with best-sellers in the US car market – mid-size sedans like Accord and Camry. By any means, this is more than possible, especially if FCA use some technologies you may see on the European market.

Release Date for 2017 Dodge Avenger

Then what is the possible release date? Such rumors last long, may take years for car producer to actually start to do something – an announcement, for instance. Remember how many years it takes to transform rumors about Bronco SUV into the actual confirmation?


In other words, reveal of the new Avenger or its successor depends on FCA bosses and overall R&D strategy of the corporation. We believe it could be around 2018-2019, or earlier.

Design and Specifications With Italian Roots

To cut costs, the successor of Avenger could get an Italian Fiat-based platform. May sound strange, but FCA has at least one platform for making a proper mid-size sedan – called Compact US Wide (CUSW) – a modification of 2010 developed Fiat Compact platform. This modular chassis used in current Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart. Shortened platform used in wide variety of Italian-made cars under Fiat and Alfa Romeo brand.

But what does it mean for Avenger? It means better handling, superb cornering, and stability, as well as lightweight and adjustability. Big US-like body with a comfortable interior in combination with perfectly tuned European chassis means a success. But is it so for powertrain options?

Old vs New

Base Dodge Avenger engine back in 2013 was an efficient high-performance powertrain with modest fuel consumption. It includes the standard 2.4-L 4-cylinder engine delivering 173HP with a maximum torque of 166Nm. The engine is paired to transmission with 6-speed manual.

2013 2017
Mid-size 4-door sedan car body type Mid-size 4-door sedan
Front-wheel drive car drive layout Front-wheel drive with optional AWD
2.4L 4-cylinder engine or Pentastar V6 car engine type 1.75L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection
6-speed automatic gearbox type 8-speed automatic
Around 24 MPG in combined cycle fuel consumption rating up to 26 MPG
$19,500-$26,000 car price $24,000-$35,000 (est)

More exciting performance offers 3.6-litre unit developing 283HP. It has Pentastar six-cylinder V-shaped arrangement and boasts brilliant fuel economy. The engine transmits torque to the wheels through an efficient 6-speed autotic gearbox.

New 2017 Dodge Avenger specs could inculde more efficient powertrains. For instance, the basic engine could be 1.75L Direct Injection 4-cylinder engine with turbocharger called Turbojet, producing around 200 HP (such engine used in modern Lancia Delta). In combination with lightweight body chassis, such horses should be enough. Moreover, the possible 2017 Dodge Avenger mileage with such engine could be improved drastically.

As for suitable V6 substitute, FCA doesn’t have a proper engine yet, so it could be all-the-same Pentastar V6 with 3.6L engine block. The most modern modification of such engine has installed in Ram 1500 pickup truck and produce 305 HP. Not bad for a 2017 Dodge Avenger SRT, huh?

2017 Dodge Avenger Trim Levels and Interior

We couldn’t say anything confirmed about next Avenger trim levels and interior features, we could only guess and speculate. We hope that new generation of car won’t be smaller – the previous car was ideal mid-size plus size, bigger than Dart but just a bit smaller than Charger – a perfect hit for an above average comfort level.

However, the interior trimming felt cheap and clumsy, lack of modern design decisions and proper ergonomics. The 2017 model year car could improve such aspects, at least according to modern cars of others FCA brands and Dodge cars.

Trim level choosing should be wide enough for those who prefer Comfort or Sport approach.
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