2017 Dodge Dakota Series Could Expect a Soon Reborn


Dodge Dakota was a quite popular past days, mid-size pickup truck to compete with popular Japanese brand pickup trucks. However, the new generation pickup will be more likely to become just a special edition of existing Ram series pickup trucks. The release date of the new generation Dodge Dakota is unknown, it is more likely to be announced on New York Auto Show in mid 2016.

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2017 Dodge Dakota All-New Generation


1. All-new Dakota
2. Redesigned Interior
3. The First Generation
4. The Second Generation
5. The Third Generation

Dodge will release on the automobile market another new creation in 2017 – Dodge Dakota RAM 2500. This is one of the most popular production cars from Dodge, which will survive many strong contenders, especially in the segment of midsize pickups. Soon this series will be updated. Unlike the engine, which has not yet been announced, the exterior looks more or less real, according to online photos.

From these pictures we can see that the RAM 2500 2017 will get a new appearance. In particular, the updated headlights and grille, to make the exterior more modern compared to the earlier model.

Dakota 2017 Interior Features

About the interior we know as little as the engine. Everything remains a secret. Unofficial sources claim that the interior will be subjected to minimum interference. In other words, the interior of the new RAM 2500 2017 will remain almost the same. Likely to add a little technological equipment, for example, improve the security system and the infotainment system.

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Dodge Dakota the first generation, 1987-1996

Mid-size by American standards, the Dodge Dakota pickup truck began to produce in 1987 in Michigan. On the pickup was set inline-petrol “Quartet”, the V6 and V8 engines with power from 97 to 225 HP Dodge Dakota had only the version with two-door single-row cabin, and in 1989 appeared a variant with the back of a convertible.

Dodge Dakota second generation, 1997-2004

In 1997 there was a change of generations, and in 2000, the model range was replenished with twin cab. The basic version of the pickup truck was equipped with inline four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.5 liters (120 HP) and was the most powerful modification with 250-horsepower engine 5.9 Magnum V8. In addition, the pickup was mounted 2.5-liter turbodiesel, which develops 114 HP Dodge Dakota the second generation was released in the US until 2004, and in Brazil until 2001.

Dodge Dakota third generation 2005-2007

Dodge Dakota third generation, produced from 2005 in the USA, was offered with two-door or four-door cabin. Originally the car was equipped with engines 3.7 V6 (210 HP) and a 4.7 V8 rated at 230 or 260 HP. In 2007 Dodge Dakota has received an updated look, and the V8 engine became more powerful — 302 HP. From 2010, this pickup is sold under a separate Ram brand.

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2017 Dodge Dakota is more likely to be just a subbrand to Ram trucks. Nevertheless, there are at least a lot of mid-size pickups from other brands.

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